Wednesday, April 22, 2009

April 21--new comp.

Hey guys!

This last week has been crazy! Transfers were Wednesday and now my companion is elder Boizelle and he’s great! He’s from mesa AZ and this will probably be his last area. He can sing really well. This last Sunday we sang in sacrament mtg in the Kaysville East 13th ward "Where can I turn for peace" and it was way cool…we were going all over the place singing tenor, bass, alto’ and of course melody, except on the last verse(tenor and bass). I recorded it so you’ll hear it eventually =) and guess who attends that ward? Bro. George Dire, the amazing tenor. We met him afterward and he’s way cool.

This last week we got three new investigators and they’re very interested, but the day after we committed two of them for baptism they were drunk and said it’s too hard. They still want to meet with us but their bap date is pretty much no good anymore. They might take awhile. But with prayers and faith there will be a way.

For all those people who say that Utah missions are easy, they don’t know anything. Yeah, there are a lot of awesome members here, but that just means that the non-members and apostate members go to extremes to prove that they aren’t LDS. We talked to some people the other day that completely believed that smoking and drinking was good for them. And that was their life basically. Its very sad. And what’s with parents that say they will never talk to their kids again if they get baptized?? And the parents are members? Augh! But that’s kindof negative. I’ll stop venting now.

A positive thing that happened this week was that we started teaching an awesome 17-yr old kid named Logan and he’s been coming to church for at least a month and just wants to learn more. He doesn’t want a baptism date yet but he is a sponge!! The ward is also doing a marvelous job of fellowshipping. I’m super excited for him!

I love you all so much and thanks for all your prayers!! Prayers are awesome! The lord said that we get blessings for praying for people, and that’s not very hard is it? So, woo! Free blessings! =)

love yall,
Elder Halestorm =)

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

April 14th, 2009 e-letter

Hola ever'body!This last week was awesome!! Cami got baptized! She's 9 and her mom is recently reactivated. Elder Kurowski baptized her and on Sunday I comfirmed her! It was way sweet! It went very well even tho I've never done that before and Cami was sooo happy!!

This last week we got a refferral from a bishop about this family of three(mom Athena, and kids Andy(20) Mia(19)). They moved out of her parent's house so that they could get baptized! We haven't even taught them a lesson yet but she knows who she wants to baptize them!! Super awesome!! Thanks for all your prayers! This is God's work and is not possible without his help!

Transfers are tomorrow. Can you believe I've been here 6 weeks?! Time flies when youre having fun =) I'm staying in the Kaysville East area (nope we don't have a car but I'm looking for a bike, the Sandholtz actually might have one, so I'll keep on that. I have bike things tho, so I'm set =) but my trainer was called to be DL in the Hyde Park up by Smithfield. He will probobly finish in that area and its cool b/c that is his greenie area haha. My new comp is Elder Boizelle (boy-zell) and I already know him cause he's in our district haha but hes cool.

The East Stake in my area has been shut down from active proselyting I guess because its not being very fruitful? But we still teach lessons and such (and also live in that stake) we just don't search them out.

It's good to hear about the ward. Sounds like a lot of stuff is happening! Yeah, Spencer better write me ;) Maybe when school's out. I got a letter from Brett! It was awesome!! I still have to write him back tho, he's in my write back stack =)

um...what is a Compassionate Service leader?? sounds cool..

Got the snail mail! and i ve been meaning to write one back but these last few weeks have been busy. and nope I don't have white pants yet. Hey! I colored eggs too!! But only four. One of them has all the fam's names on it. Can't wait to eat that one ;) One of them is from a story Elder Kurowski and I are writing about a Russian-Soviet-snowman-spy. It's super cool. its going kinda slow tho cause we have to write it during our lunch time. One of them is a bumblebee and the other one....I cant really remember.. but its fun =)

I will definately pray for those people you mentioned. Thank you all for all your prayers!! It's wonderful! I love you all so much!!! Thank you for all that you do, I definately have been born of goodly parents! =)

Love, Elder Kendric Hale =)

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

April 7th, 2009 letter

Hola Yall!! soo... General Conference was AWESOME!!! It was like being baptized into the deep end of the pool of spiritual awesomeness!! (hows that for an analogy =) My favs were Pres. Uchtdorf and Pres. Eyring's during the priesthood session about not getting distracted by the little things in life so much that we crash, and helping our comrades in this spiritual battlefield we are in, because "No one gets left behind!" I also loved Gary E Stevenson during Sunday pm about how we are never lost when we can see the Temple. And then Elder L Tom Perry's about member missionary work and how important that is!! I had to stop myself from jumping up and yeling WOOHOOOO!!! because member missionary work is sooo important! I used to think that the missionaries could do it all but it is almost impossible or not very successful without the members. I challenge everyone who is reading this to find someone for the missionaries to teach. I know that is easier said than done, but it is possible if we pray and search sincerely because this is the Lord's work and if we ask Him and work WITH Him, He will prepare people to be baptized. I have a testimony of this. I love this work!!

As far as missionary scriptures, I couldn't decide on one, so here are my favs: Isaiah 61:1-- Alma 29:9-- 3 Nephi 5:13-- 19:28--love y'all so much. Sorry I didnt get to all your q's, but I still love you.

Elder Hale