Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Last Christmas in the Mission Field

Merry Christmas!! My Christmas was great!!

Christmas eve we ate a German feast called ruladden (I'm pretty sure that's NOT how you spell it, but that's how it sounds) at the Streuling's house. It was delicious! Elder Barney got permission to come down from Richmond with his companion to spend the night. Elder Barney was a surprise for Zac Hill (the cool kid we live with) because Barney was his very most favoritest missionary to live at their house. The tradition at the Hill's house is that they open their Chrismas presents Christmas eve, so that's what we did. It was lots of fun. In the morning we went over to the Hill's best friends, the Brookes, where I skypified my family!! It was super fun to see everyone! We then went to the Shaw's house in South Ogden where the Shaw's invited all the missionaries that had served in that area or around it in the last 8 months. We were supposed to go sledding at Snow Basin but it was closed because there wasn't any snow! I really wanted to sled! Oh well, we did lots of other fun stuff like pool and ping pong tournaments and just hangin' out with all the everybody that was there.

Cool story! Last Tuesday we were at the mission office when they got a call from a guy that said "I want to talk to some missionaries, do you know how I could find some?" Well we were the only young missionaries at the the office, so we got to talk to him. The first thing he said is that missionaries remind him of Knights, how we are on a specific quest serving our King. He related everything in the gospel to knights. But he asked us to help him understand what the reason for Christmas was because he was feeling like it was lost. Long story shorter, we invited him to be baptized and he said he was already a member, so we asked how old he was and asked him to go on a mission and join the knighthood, so to speak, and he said he would think about it. It was pretty cool.

Anyway, have a great new year. Thanks for your support and Christmas cards!

Love Ya,
Elder Hale=)
Christmas stockings at the Streuling's on Christmas Eve

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Pre-Christmas Missionary Message

Hey yall!

So pretty much all the snow melted and the sun was shiny but it was still cold. But it's nice because we get rides from members a lot.

We had mission conference this last week which was way fun to see all my mission friends and give out my cool business cards that sister Shaw in South Ogden made for me. There is a new Sister who just came into the mission this transfer whose name is Sister Hale. So I hunted her down and turns out we're related at least to Alma H. Hale. She's pretty cool (which goes without saying with that last name), so we got a picture together.

There's a guy that we're trying to get back to church that is just an old cowboy. I commented on his boots and told him the sad tale of how I had to leave my boots at home and he said what size shoe you wear? Then he told me how he had some boots that he never wore that were my size and that I could have them!! yay, early birthday present! They are nice too.

Miracle this week!
There was a 9 or 10 year old girl who came up to us and said I have a friend who wants to be baptized! Then she went and grabbed her friend's arm and brought her over to us and said "this is my friend who wants to be baptized!! Her name is Zoe! She lives.... and her phone number is.... and she needs to be taught by you guys so she can be baptized! When can you teach her?" The most amazing member missionary I've met in this area! I wanted to know that it was Zoe's choice and not being pushed so I turned to Zoe and asked why she wanted to be baptized and she got this big smile on her face and said because me and my dad will be happier and because Jesus gave me an example to follow! So I asked if she wanted to be baptized on Christmas and she said she was hoping she could; she still has to ask her dad but hopefully it will work out. I'm so excited!! All I want for Christmas is someone to come closer to Christ through baptism!! What better day to follow His example?! Then it would truly be a white Christmas!

I've been trying really hard to think of things that I want for Christmas. I just don't know! I have no ideas! I'm very sorry to make it hard but I just really don't know. I just want everybody to focus on Jesus Christ for CHRISTmas and help people get closer to Him thru stronger faith in him helping people repent and be baptized or take the sacrament again and feel the Holy Ghost more in their lives to help lead them through the hard times. I want people to Look for the tender mercies that He gives us, and to make other people smile. That is a true disciple of Jesus Christ. That is what I want. I probably won't see it myself but it will be recorded in heaven and I can watch it later. This gospel is toooo important to not give everybody the agency to accept it, and they won't get to choose until the choice is presented to them through an invitation to repent or be baptized.

I love you all so much. Now is the most important time to study the scriptures and build your faith in Christ.

love ya!!
Elder Hale =)

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010 Follow-up

Hey y'all! I hope your thanksgiving was amazingly delicious!

We had four dinnners but two of them had to cancel. One had really sick kids, and the other the dad got called in to work so they had thanksgiving the day after. But we still went to three places, two for food and dessert and one for just dessert and talking. It was really fun. Kinda felt bad because Elder Bohanan didn't know anybody, but I guess that's what happens when transfers are two days before.

It was really fun to see my awesome cousins!! I wanted them to come before transfers because Elder Barney was awesome and I knew he wouldn't get distracted at all. He's very focused, and I wasn't sure if I was going to get a companion that was easily distracted, so it worked out perfectly. And, I don't think that Elder Bohanan would get distracted either.

Elder Bohanan-man is pretty cool. He is from the complete opposite end of the US from Floridia. He's from fairbanks Alaska. Pines and palms, beaches and snow banks, grizzlies and gators....frozen and..melting.....anyway, hes been out for 6 months and was born (missionarily speaking) in my first area: Kaysville East! He is the youngest out of five in his family and he's "always prefered the color blue-green" and he likes vanilla or chocolate ice cream.

As far as Christmas goes, the Hill's that we live with already have our day planned. We are gonna wake up and at 5am and go over to the Brookes (they're friends that they eat dinner with every Sunday), and open presents, which should be fun. Then we'll have breakfast and the Brookes will probly talk to their missionary son. Sis Hill has a laptop with a camera that she said I could probly use. I would have to set up the skype account tho.

As far as warmness, I am doing pretty good. Better than the Alaskan it seems. He's always cold. The scarf that I have is a lifesaver and I love it, but it's getting a little beat up and its holey, I mean theres holes in it, cause it was crocheted ( <---weird word). So a missionary from canadia is giving me one of his six that he has, and also a fam that we ate turkey at is gonna get me one. I need to get some of those hot hands warmer things. Elder Barney took all of his with him =(

There is nothing specific that I can think of right now that I want for Christmas... I guess something that won't be hard to come home with.. please no Kenneth Cope or typical lds music. I am kind of sick of that, haha. But I will think of this stuff this week.

Thanks for all of your supprt and love, and have a great week!!

Elder Hale =)

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Nov. 22, 2010...New Companion coming

SURPRISE! you didnt know i was going to email on monday did you? honestly i didnt either. but since thanksgiving is this week we have a half pday today.

So......this transfer has completely flown by so fast.. they say time flies when your having fun and ive had fun serving with elder Barney. i really wanted to serve with him for another transfer but hes been here for six months and he is kinda burned out with syracuse. he is going up to richmond in cache valley. hes gonna freeze to death. my new companion is elder Bohannon. i have no idea who he is ive never heard of him before but i guess hes pretty new. ill give ya more info next week.

A SUPER COOL thing happened this week, my fantastic cousins Chrissy and Kayley came and had dessert with me the other night. our landlord the Hills (who are super awesome) provided ice cream and we had lots of fun. mom and dad, Kayley is thinking about doing an internship in orlando somewhere but wants some more info about the area. anyway it was really cool to see them.

I have made a goal to finish the Book of Mormon by the end of my mission, if anyone wants to take this challenge with me say yes....in a different language... i am just starting 2nd nephi. so you will have to pass me up haha but you can do it!

I have to go but i want yall to know that this restored gospel is true and always will be. our Savior has given us the formula for success in life and its all in the scriptures and in the words of the prophets as long as we follow them we will be good.

love yall

Elder Hale =)

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Winter's Coming! (Oct. 26, 2010)

Floridian+late October+bikes=really cold

Too bad it's gonna get colder. Apparently tho Syracuse doesn't get as much snow as everywhere else, but we get windy lake effect from the big salty pond next door. As far as trips to Antelope Island, they probly won't happen. Its a 7 mile bike ride out there and only three member families and a herd of buffalo live out there. But well get out there for a p-day or somsing. The three investigators with a date are all for November 13th. They are pretty excited the only thing that would stop them is if they didn't go to church the next couple weeks.

THanks Christiansens for the amazing cd!! Yes I did get it and was so excited to get a package, especially one with Amy's cd and a letter from you, thanks!! Does Amy have any more cool cds??

love yall!!

elder kendric hale =)

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Baptisms in South Ogden

New Area, New Companion

Hello from Syracuse Utah!

After a week of being in Syracuse I have made some observations:

1. Syracuse is flat

2. Syracuse is just a giant neighborhood with a wal mart in the middle

3. Syracuse is right next to the Great Salt Lake, if you don't believe me take a big sniff. In fact Antelope Island is in our area.

4. We don't have a car =( ...and its getting cold, but I'll be nice and fit when I get home

5. Syracuse is full of crops and cows, if you dont believe me take another big sniff. The last dairy farm in Davis County is here.

Elder Barney is awesome! He is from So Cal by Death Valley close to Barstow. He's been out a YEAR on the 21st of Oct (next week) and he needs to be senior at the end of this transfer. He is 23 years old, his favorite ice cream is cookie dough and his favorite color is black, and dark red. He has been in the Syracuse Zone for his whole mission and this is only his second area. I remember way back when I was only a year out I had just gotten to my fourth area (Centerville). He is the first comp I've had that I've been taller than!!

This week we picked up three new investigators and all of them have baptism dates which adds up to.... three people with a baptism date! things are picking up. Its great!

That's about all the news I have for this week. Sorry its not much. I hope your fall colors are great wherever you are. There aren't many trees in SY, just dried up corn husks and lots of pumpkins.

love ya'll, have a great week!

Elder kendric Hale =)

COPS: In Ogden and Transfer to Syracuse

first of all, the story of last week...

So, the night before general conference we went to teach a lesson that wasn't home, but four doors down there was a guy and a lady that were yelling and arguing. Then the guy turned around and punched her in the face. She dropped like a rock. We called 911 and the po-po showed up and talked to him, then the cia showed up to take his picture. We had to leave then so we didn't get to see if they took him to jail, they totally should've, he's a jerk.

now for this weeks news: drumroll please!!............................

Elder Kay and I are getting whitewashed out of South Ogden! Elder Kay is going to Clinton and I'm going to Syracuse West to serve with a BIG PURPLE DINOSAUR! I have been released as district leader on special assignment to build up Elder Barney and help him gain confidence. It's probly good that I got released cause I'm terrible at training people in district mtgs. I love investing in missionaries and helping them out in their areas but I can't train them very well. As for the area, I'll be back here on Saturday for Amanda's baptism which is gonna be sweet. This last Saturday Colleen and her son Charlie got baptized!! I got to bapticize Colleen and Elder Kay baptized Charlie. An hour later CHLOIE got baptized!! She's 9 and she's super hyper and also one of the 10 black people in Utah. She's awesome!

Things are awesome. It's weird to think that Syracuse West is going to be my last area. South Ogden has been so great there's lots of cool people here to remember. I'll have some more info next week.

love yall

elder hale

Monday, October 11, 2010

General Conference Follow-up

Conference was so great!! I got to be at Saturday pm, and both Sunday sessions. We took our investigators and they loved it. Its so cool to go and see the prophet! I wonder how it would be for the people that didn't know that there even was a prophet on the earth, and then to go get to see him. I think it would be cool! Its kinda fun to go down to SLC, OUTSIDE OF OUR MISSION! But its ok, we got Elder Snow's permish. Elder Kay saw 6 of his friends from home including his best friend who got off his mission a few months ago. He got to sit with him cause we didn't have enough tickets for a session. I saw a friend from up in Providence and that was cool. Its really cool to see how many people from other countries get to go to conference. We tried to talk with a lady from Japan and a family from Germany and Austria, and there were ladies from Ghana with their traditional clothes and hats. All to have the opportunity to see and listen to the prophet and the apostles and the other men and women who spoke. I love it!!

There's another cool story but I have to share it with you next week.

love you all

elder Hale =)

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Excited for General Conference!

I am so excited for general conference!!! In this mission for the last conference of your mission you get to attend one session (usually its two but there are so many people going this time). I will be at the Sunday afternoon session sitting about 30' from where all the general authorities walk out =). For the other sessions we have to go with investigators or recent converts. It looks like we might be going to Sunday morning and possibly Saturday morning. I'm so excited to hear what the prophet is going to teach us!! its gonna be amazing!!

Anyway, as far as the people were teaching, the ones with baptism dates are still going strong, and the ones that don't well, they want to be baptized, they're body just hasn't caught up to their spirit yet. A cool thing happened the other day. We were teaching this family of four girls and we're teaching about praying and why its important. The oldest girl got really thotful so we asked what was on her mind and she said "do you have to pray about something if you already know its true?" woo! That's the best feeling, when you look into the eyes of someone youre teaching and know that they know its true. They don't feel like they are ready for baptism yet but they know its true. Colleen went to the womens conference and completely loved it! She's so excited to be baptized!

Love ya'll! Enjoy general conference! Take good notes of what the spirit teaches you! Those impressions don't last very long but are super important. Have a great week!

love Elder Hale =)

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Sept. 7th & Grandpa's Funeral

Hey all!! Sorry I didn't write anything last week, didn't have much time. But update on last week: Those three girls Monica, Tiffany , and Alondra got baptized and confirmed!!! It was such a cool experience to be in the water and perform the baptism! It was funny, they were really nervous before, but when monica and tiffany got out of the water they both asked very excitedly "can we get baptized again? can we get back in?!" Since they have been baptized tho satan has been working on them even harder than before and its been really hard for them to get to church and youth activities and one of the girls is now living 30mins away in Layton. There are two teams playing here on the earth, God's team and Satan's team. When someone is trying to better their lives by obeying the commandments and being baptized, its like taking off satan's jersey and putting on the armor of God which is God's jersey. And satan doesnt like that so he tries anything and everything to attack our weak spots to tear us down and hopefully get us back on his team. The thing about this earthly war is that we already know which team is going to win, God's team. And the most important thing we can do is to keep our armour on, even though its heavy sometimes, and keep making it stronger by doing the little things like church, scriptures, prayer, especially when its tough. There's a good reason we learn those primary answers when we're little because those are vital, meaning without them we die. Spiritually. Doing the little things is how we strenghten ourselves and punch satan in the face!

Alright, i'm done =) but i know that's all true.

It was a special exerience to go to Grampa's funeral on friday. It was an emotion filled day and spiritually draining but a super experience to have. It was fun to see so much family, I didn't think I would be able to go to any family reunions on my mission but i guess i thot wrong. It was sad to realize Grampa was gone and we wouldnt see him anymore with these imperfect mortal eyes but it's extremely comforting to know that he is free from all pain and sorrow in a state of peace and rest like it talks about in alma 40:11 i think. We know he is in that paradise because of the way he lived his life, he is a great example of a disciple of Christ and how we can live the gosple Christ has given to us. Grampa is one of my greatest examples.

I love you all and wish the best for yall, find the daily blessings God gives us =)

Love elder Hale

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Miracles Happen

news on the upcoming baptisms for the 21st: the three girls are super excited about getting baptized! myself and elder Kay are the ones going to baptize them. tiffany asked me to and alondra asked kay and monica couldn't decide so we flipped a coin and it landed on me haha. so this will be the first time I've baptized someone (two someones). it will be a blast! Amanda and her husband decided that it would be best to wait until all the family comes for the baby being born. as of sunday none of the family knew that she was getting baptized. so they talked and prayed about it and she's planning on being baptized in october. if she wasn't so solid i would be concerned but she's really excited about baptism and knows that shell have to work extra hard to keep that fire burning. it will all work out =)

yesterday, we were kind of having a slow morning and our 8pm lesson canceled and we had a guy's name written down but couldn't remember why so we just decided to go to brother wolfgram's house. (he's the ward mission leader for the ward with the three girls and amanda). we show up and there's another guy there working. wolfgram explained that he was a guy looking for work and as he was walking by felt the spirit tell him to talk to that guy and ask him for work. and then we showed up. he's from tennesee and knows nothing about the lds church but would like to learn. coincidences don't happen, especially as a missionary. i know heavenly father is mindful of all his children and knows their needs. he loves us and doesn't want to ever leave us hangin', but that whole agency thing makes it so we have to ask seek and knock for his blessings which means keeping his commandments to show him that we really mean it. I know he loves me and just like a good parent wants to help me help myself. this gospel is great isnt it? =) its true and always will be, He promised that.

love ya'll

Elder Kendric Hale

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Pictures on 8/10/10

pic info: theres some rainbows, the four of us that lived in farmington (funny thing, we swapped comps deming was serving with alexander the black one and i am serving with kay. alexander went home thats why he has that tie haha), me golfing, great form huh? and elder bennett

Aug 10th

Here are a couple things that happened this week.

first of all, today we went golfing (my first time) with a guy in our area he paid for us and let us use some of his clubs. it was fun i have no idea what my score was, my goal was to just get it to the hole. haha.

we have four investigators with a date and they are all progressing themselves nicely. the three sisters that are getting baptized on the 21st are super excited and loving the gospel, they are so happy. and thats about it. oh, funny random thing happened i was waiting at a stop sign and some old guy turned the corner and as he passed he blew us a kiss! super random! we dont even know thae guy!

now for the pictures

love yall!

Elder Hale =)

Good Stuff on Aug. 3, 2010

Patience and prayers pay off!!

This last week we picked up 4 new investigators all of which have bappy dates for aug 21st!! Amanda was taught about a year ago but wasnt ready to be baptized. we got the refferal from the missionary that tot her a year ago and we stopped by. she said that she had been thinking she should start going to church again just a few days before we stopped by and feels ready for baptism now! the only problem (and its a good problem) is that she wants to finish the whole book of mormon before shes baptized. shes workin on it. our other investigators are three girls 10-15 years old that us and the senior couple are teaching. they are super awesome!! please pray for jessica she is in virginia with her parents and is very nervous to talk to them about baptism cause last time she did her mom wouldnt talk to her for a week. s o pray for her that she can have courage and for her parents hearts to be softened and can feel the spirit. shes 21 but wants their blessing. thanks!

this last week a cool family that we visit sent their son to the mtc, hes going to gualamala. we said goodbye in the morning and his whole family had blank stares and were completely out of it. that evening she sent us a text and said "you guys better come over, were not doing very well." all they wanted to know was what he was doing, when does he get his mail, how he was probly feeling. they were a mess. were you guys like that when i left? i didnt think it was that tramatic.

anyway thanks for everything! love yall

elder hale =)

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

July 20, 2010 - A Car!!

this week has been interesting. our whole district has nobody with a date so there is some discouragement going around like a sickness but just like sickness it has to be cured and the medicine is faith hope and dilegence. faith in Jesus Christ that He will send someone your way, hope that someone will pop up that wants to be baptized, and dillegence in working your guts out until that happens. and just like any flu it goes away after awhile so things will pick up in the next few weeks. its crazy to think that transfers are coming up again, it hasnt been 6 weeks has it? but sure enough they are next week. hopefully i get to stay with elder kay for at least one more transfer.

we are going to be in a 30 stake youth spectacular production up at weber state this weekend. about 100 of us will march onto the feild singing called to serve. itsgonnabesweet. =) not much else has happened.

love yall and have a wonderful week!!

love Elder Hale =)

July 13, 2010 So. Ogden

this week has been interesting. our whole district has nobody with a date so there is some discouragement going around like a sickness but just like sickness it has to be cured and the medicine is faith hope and dilegence. faith in Jesus Christ that He will send someone your way, hope that someone will pop up that wants to be baptized, and dillegence in working your guts out until that happens. and just like any flu it goes away after awhile so things will pick up in the next few weeks. its crazy to think that transfers are coming up again, it hasnt been 6 weeks has it? but sure enough they are next week. hopefully i get to stay with elder kay for at least one more transfer.

we are going to be in a 30 stake youth spectacular production up at weber state this weekend. about 100 of us will march onto the feild singing called to serve. itsgonnabesweet. =) not much else has happened.

love yall and have a wonderful week!!

love Elder Hale =)

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

A Few Pictures from Centerville

June 8, '10...The Good, The Bad, The Ugly


First, the good news: Ali got baptized!!! and Blake is getting baptized next week!! Ali's baptism was great. The spirit was amazing! After the closing prayer nobody wanted to leave and it was quieter than the temple as everyone was giving Ali a hug and saying congratulations. Her brother Alex gave a great talk on the Holy Ghost and how it has helped him since four months ago when he was baptized, and how he's so excited that she gets to have that gift. On Sunday when she was confirmed (she asked me to do it) the spirit was so strong.

I just love the feeling of not having words planned out for the blessing and the spirit directing so that you say what the Lord wants. I definately know that the Lord speaks through people in so many different ways. Sometimes it's just good people being good disciples and doing what the Savior would want. But often there are times when people are guided to do things that they weren't planning on and are completely guided by the spirit. That's because they are doing what they're supposed to which puts them in a position where the Lord can use them for His purposes, which are perfect and eternal. I pray that we may all do the best we can to put ourselves in a position spiritually so we can be effective instruments in the hands of our Savior in whatever way he needs. That's when true and lasting joy comes. I feel like that joy only comes through the spirit (example: newborn babies, being with family, reading the scriptures and not being able to stop....) and if the spirit is not there then it is only temporary happiness (roller coasters, dessert, movies). But the moment we have the spirit that happiness becomes true joy, and that joy is contagious.

Alright, stepping down from the soap box...

Next, the bad news: I'm being transferred...to South Ogden....with an Elder Bennett who I don't know....away from Centerville....away from Elder Kafoa...away from my friends that are preparing for baptism.... away from the wonderful members that help with anything and everything...away from trust that has been built with potential investigators...away from converts that are preparing to do baptisms for the dead....

I've never been upset about a transfer before, but this has been the hardest so far. I love Centerville and the people here. It's been my favorite area so far, and that's a hard choice because I've loved all my areas. There are so many people that I need to say goodbye to. Elder Kafoa is an amazing missionary and so fun to be with (I've learned the Tongan haka a.k.a. the sipi tau). President said that I would be staying here with Kafoa, but that divine revelation that I just ranted about gets in the way sometimes. The ugly part about all of this is that im being transferred to south ogden as a district leader... not the happiest day of my life. And on top of all that I HAVE TO PACK! >=(

The Lord has an interesting time and method of doing things.

I have to go throw up so talk to y'all later. I'll let ya know wassup in South Ogden next week when I'm there..if I'm still alive....

Love you all!! Thanks for your prayers, I need them.

Elder Hale =)

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

June 1st

Malo e lelei!!

so i promised pictures this week but when i got to the family history center i realized i left my camera battery charging at home...so no pictures today, sorry. if there are any specific pictures anyone wants to see just email me and let me know. =)

Not much has happened this week, Ali is still planning on getting baptized this saturday and shes super excited and ready. we asked if she had a chance to read the scriptures we gave her and she said she hadnt and so we acted dissapointed but then she explained that she wasnt able to read becase graduation is this week and all this stuff is going on and so she was just reading in Alma where shes at! so we assured her that as long as she read she could read the thingswe assigned her whenever she got time. shes awesome.

this last week we ate with two families i want to mention. first is the claysons. (Elder Clayson served in the Orlando mission until recently) It was cool to hear about florida and how the work is going in that area. he said that the longwood ward has some really good missionaries in it right now so thats good. he seems like he was a good missionary, he has a good family. then i think it was actually last week we ate with the family of my mtc zone leader elder smith. it was funny because they said that they had a son on a mission in norway so i just figured it was like every other famiy we eat at and so i didnt really look at the picture they had of him very closely at all. but when we were leaving i started saying "well i know a few people in norway" as i walked up to the picture to look at it closer but stopped mi-sentance and was like "thats Elder Smith! hes one of the people i know in norway!" and i got a picture with them. it was fun. ill send the picture next week.

we have been able to do a lot of service these past few weeks. its been so great to change into jeans and not care about getting "too dirty" as people say when we ask them if we can do service in our proselyting clothes. theres a guy in our area that is a chiropracter and adjusts us for free so we go every week, its nice especially after doing service all week.

well thats about it for today, ofa atu! (love you)

Elder Hale =)

p.s. i would like to get spencers email address if that is possible, i got permission to email him because he is so far away.=) thanks

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Visiting the King's

Mother's Day call location
Pictures During General Conference Weekend

Mother's Day Call

Malo e lelei (thats Tongan for hello)

Mothers day was fun, it was great to talk to you and fun to see your smiling faces! thanks for the answers to those random questions. I got presidents letter just now (a little late) and it said please keep calls at about 40 mins haha how bout an hour and 40. its so that people dont get homesick but there was no time limit for Christmas so i figured it was the same for this mommas day. good thing i dont get homesick =) I hope everyones calls from missionaries were great and that everyone is diong well!!

We had Zone conference yesterday (mon) and it was the best one ive been to for a long time. there are two different trainings that our mission was given the last two zone conferences and when the latter one was given i guess everybody tossed the old one out the window. so this one was how to combine both and make both effective at the same time. one is called righteous routines and the other is the circle of life. then we had a special guest come to speak and perform, it was Alex Boye. hes the black guy in the mormon tabernacle choir from england. he spoke about his conversion story and some experiences on his mission and he has an incredible voice. he didnt know it but everything he talked about tied in to the trainings. the spirit was there to testify. when he left i was at the end of the row so he totally shook my hand. dont worry, im not a freak, i washed it.

but thats about it for whats happened this week, not much else to say.

love you all! hope yall are safe and healthy! kids be nice to your moms (and dads,) fifth commandment! haha

love ya

Elder Hale =)

Saturday, May 8, 2010

New Month, New Companion

Hey!! this whole last week has been cloudy and cold. i didnt know that you could have fog, rain, sleet, snow, and sunshine all on the same day but it happened a few times this last week. but its been a good week. elder Kafoa is great! he is from tonga but went to school in fiji. he has 2brothers and 5sisters making him third youngest. his family is all active and his parents are converts. hes been out for 6 months and didnt know english before the mish but he is doing very well. for the first time on my mission im reading the learn the language section of preach my gospel. before the end of the transfer ill know how to do the haka, haha. but its gonna be a very fun transfer.

we picked up two more investigators this week, one is austin who wants to get baptized on may 22 and the other is a couple that grew up southern baptist and methodist and doesnt want to get baptized yet but have lots of questions and are open to learn and feel the spirit. hes stuck on the whole once saved always saved but when we explained with 2nephi 31 what endure to the end means it seemed to make sense to him and then she had a bunch of questions about the plan of salvation. that sad part is that they are moving this month to woods cross =( but i think it will all work out, the sisters there are good missionaries.

we had a regional conference this last sunday where 16 stakes were invited. some of which were invited to the conference center by temple square so we were allowed to go. elder rasband spoke along with sister julie beck, elder hales and pres eyring. we got good seats, seven rows from the pulpit. it was a great conference amd i dont have any of my notes but ill tell you what they said next time. =) pres eyring spoke about families.

thats about it for this week, im looking forward to skyping this sunday, i love you all and like always thank you for your support and prayers! happy mothers day!!

love Elder Hale =)

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

New Companion Coming

Transfers! and thus ended the 4th transfer, yea, the six months of the reign of Deming and Hale upon the land.

Elder Deming is whitewashing Wellsville (in Cache Valley) with Elder Alexander (a black missionary with whom we currently live). I'm staying in Centerville and my new comp is a Tongan named Elder Kafoa? (I'm spelling phonetically, I don't know how to spell his name). Aparently he doesn't know English very well. He sounded ok on the phone. It sounds like he's a way good missionary tho so its gonna be awesome.... I just dont know what to do with a new comp, I haven't had one for the past 6 months! haha

The baptism was amazing!!! Elder Deming and I were the witnesses and right when the first girl (Jaqlyn) went under i started crying and tears flooded my eyes. You don't have to see to be a witness do you?? It's the first baptism that I've actually cried at. The spirit was so strong which was great because Collette had a lot of non member friends there. Collette bore her testimony at the end and said that if anyone had any doubts that the Church was true then realize that the spirit was testifying of its truth. (it sure did.), and that "I wish that you could feel and know what I feel and know right now." She directed that last part to her mom. Watching them is such a testimony that this Church IS true and that the Lord's hand IS in all things. We told Cole that we hadn't taught her anything, that she was so receptive to the spirit and truth that she pretty much taught herself and we were just along for the ride. After my mission I wasn't planning on coming back right away but now I will be back two months after I get home to see them get sealed in the temple =) so cool.

I love this gospel and the happiness it brings. We don't have any dates right now but many potentials. Please pray for those people that they may be ready and willing to recieve the gospel, and we will do our part on this end of the field to bring them that happiness.
love ya'll so much!

Elder Hale =)
Things are going awesome this week. Winter is done, all the trees are blossoming, its up to 70s now, and Collette and the kids are getting baptized!!! Like you were saying Mom and Dad, The Lord has amazing timing. We've been teaching Cole and she has quit smoking, drinking alcohol, drinking coffee and tea, and her family especially her dad has been giving her a hard time about it. Last week we taught about the Plan of Salvation and a few days later her dad had a heart attack and has been very sick, so Cole flew out to Kentucky over the weekend to see him. She has been such an amazing example of faith and strength to her family. When she learned about the Word of Wisdom and that Heavenly Father wants her to take care of her body and wants to bless her, she completely stopped everything. She looks so much healthier and you can see her countenance is brighter. Before she left for Kentucky we gave her a blessing of comfort and strength because she was way stresed out. I spoke, and after the blessing she just gave a big sigh and started crying. She said she felt so peaceful and loved and the spirit was so strong. We had been talking about what the priesthood was to the kids, and after the blessing, no matter how much they understood the concepts they understood the feeling and power of the priesthood. Even tho that wasn't the first time I had given a blessing it was definitely the most powerful time and it has strengthened my testimony of God's power that has been restored here on the earth. I love this gospel so much, it makes people so happy! This Saturday at 4 is going to be so cool. Matt gets to baptize all four of them! And the next day during sacrament mtg Matt is confirming Cole, Elder Deming is confirming one of the twins (Jaqlyn) their grandpa is confirming the other twin (Jayla), and I am confirming the 10 yr old boy (Oakley). Its gonna be awesome!

Other than that there is not much happening. We have about 6or 7 very potential investigators, we just need their friends to invite them. Transfers are coming up on the 28th and Elder Deming will probly be leaving. We shall see. I love you all so much, thanks for everything!

Love Elder Kendric Hale =)

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Centerville Baptism, March 30, 2010

First off Tyler's baptism was great!! There were less people there than they thot, but there were still about 60-70 there to support him which is very good. The bishop asked him to bear his testimony at the end. It was great. His cousin baptized him and his grandfather confirmed him the next day at sacrament mtg. The spirit bore testimony so strongly that this was right and that the gosple is true. It doesn't even make sense to me how people can deny the existence of God. There are evidences all around us that he loves us and that he blesses us. Would we have anything if he didn't? I don't think so. He wouldn't care to give us families or the trees around us or even a living prophet to guide us. I know that our Heavenly Father loves us and that he is ALWAYS mindful of what we are going through. He just wants us to show our faith to ask seek and knock and he will answer.

This last Sunday we went with two of our investigators to a Southern Baptist church. It was very interesting and was fun to see how another faith worships. It was weird because the first thing I noticed when we walked in was the smell of coffee. We went to the young adults class and the teacher wanted to call us by our first names because it was more personal, which was totally cool. It was just really weird to hear my first name being used. He was a very good teacher tho. The most interesting part of the whole experience was that I could actually feel the spirit testify, and not testify, about each principle that was taught. Like he was saying "yep thats right, yep thats right, nope....nope... yeah thats true" it was so cool. There was a lot of singing, about 5 hymns that I didn't recognize, they were a little more pop sounding. The very end of Pastor Mike's sermon he said that we need to try to be the best we can and make sure not to be hypocrites in being followers of Jesus. But then he used that one scripture in Ephesians 2 I think, that says by grace we are saved and not by our works lest any man should boast..... that doesn't make sense. Just read James 2, it explains it pretty clear.

We've had some crazy weather the past week. It's been warming up (around the 60s) but then dropped to 50s and snowed all day...at 50 degrees!! then the next day was sunny...I dont understand... the earth must be bipolar.

Anyway, yesterday was zone conference and Pres Olson said that over the past year our area is the least baptizing area in the mission so it's a possibility that our area is merged with other areas like what happened in Kaysville. But he said that's why me and Deming are here, to get the area moving. I assured him it's moving, just slowly. But we need to really step it up so we can keep the area, we need more investigators! Right now we are trying to teach 20 lessons a week so that we can reap the blessings of elder Perry's promise that if we teach that many lessons consistantly then our teaching pool will double. So please continue to pray for us to find investigators. I love yall!! Talk to you later

Elder Hale =)

Thursday, March 18, 2010

3/18/10 Email

That's a lot of refferral cards! (925) We don't even have that many non members in one of our stakes. There are a total of 227 nonmembers recorded in the Centerville North Stake. I really have no idea what I've told you about which investigators. Probly not much. Please let me know so I can report something.
Yeah I know Heather, she is pretty cool, have him say hi to her for me. Does he know that the Kings live in my area? Its so cool to have the Kings here. She insists on doing our laundry every week. Its kinda cool. She does everything and won't even let us supply detergent. Its weird but cool.

Oh there is something to report. Transfers is today and me and Elder Deming are still compeneros. Six months! Thats a long time. And we got transfered together. We're making history. Actually its Pres Olson that's making history because he is doing a lot of different things. We have a new assistant that has been out for only 9 months and he was never a district leader or zone leader and has been a senior comp for only two transfers. He's a good missionary tho. Its Elder Watts. (I'll send a pic)

We had a dinner the other night with a lady who...I'll just give you the phone call: "hi elders i hope you are able to come to dinner tonight. Its my son's birthday and he is serving in [somewhere I don't remember] and he is turning 21, and to comemorate his birthday we are inviting you elders." It was a good dinner but way too fancy. She commented on our manners tho and said we had been tot well. But sitting up straight on a bench with no back for an hour doesn't make your back feel very good. Its a good thing that we know a chiroprachter. He fixes us up pretty good. Anyway, that lady grew up in St George, and actually her class voted on the name for pineveiw HS. She's pretty sure she knows Pam. We haven't checked yet.
The dinner the following nite was probly the best dinner I've had in a long time. It was hoagie sandwiches on paper plates with plastic cups and forks and spoons for the potato pea soup that we served ourselves into paper bowls. And they had fruit smoothie things for dessert! not brownies or cookies or ice cream!! Plus they were a really cool family.

Let's see...there is a fun thing that we are doing in our apartment (well me and Elder Kay, Alexander and Deming hate puzzles) we are putting puzzles together and gluing them and putting them on the wall. So I'm getting tons of practice and when i get home maybe I'll actually be able to help you on your's instead of pretending to attempt to look like I'm helping. And I had to make a puzzle piece cause it was missing one. I took pictures if you care at all. =)
Dad said you had a lot of questions you wanted me to answer, but I didnt see tons. But I think I answered all of them.
I will write Jenna a letter. Thanks for your prayers and stuff. I love you very much.

love Elder Kendric Hale =)

Wasatch Mountains at Centerville

Elder Hale & Companion

Monday, February 22, 2010

Feb. 16...Jellyfish??

So, the new myldsmail is up and running. It automatically changed my email to kendric.hale@myldsmail.net but I think it forwards everything sent to the other one to the new one.

So yes it was Chinese New Year on the 14th and we got permission to go eat with Mei Qing (former investigator in Kaysville) in the evening, that was cool. The dumplings she made were amazing! and also I tried another new food, jellyfish! It was not that exciting, just chewy. And she had these amazing shrimp balls battered with bread and deep fried, mmm so good. It's kinda funny cause we moved to Centerville and we are teaching another Chinese lady named Zhao Ning (zJow-ning is the best way I can explain how to pronounce it). She knows Mei Qing. She's way cool and really wants to be baptized but because of political issues she can't right now. But she is doing mish work: she invited her friend Ying Ying to learn about the gospel and she likes it.

Rebecca is getting baptized on the 27th. She is early thirties prolly and is extremely ready. If you didn't know it you would think she was already a member. Other then those two we really dont have any investigators. =( but that's why we're here and what members are for =)

Last sunday one of the sacrament mtgs we went to was a missionary homecoming. The missionary's name was Elder Packer, the grandson of Pres. Packer, so who else was there? President Packer himself! He was the closing speaker. It was really cool to see him outside of Gen Conference. It was very cool. Probly the quietest Utah family ward sacrament I've been to.

Love ya'll and hope to hear from ya'll!

Love elder Hale =)

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Letter from the Bennett's

Sent: Mon, February 8, 2010 4:24:32 PM
Subject: Elder Hale

Hi Lynette,

Your son Elder Hale, gave me this address as per my request. He said that you are okay with random e-mails. I just want to tell you Thank you for a wonderful son that you raised. We have enjoyed getting to know him and his companion Elder Deming. They have fun personalities and a strong testimony of the gospel. Our testimonies have been strengthened as they have shared dinner, family home evenings and stop by visits with us. As members, we don't get the opportunity to have the missionaries over too often. We were happy when our daughter saw them in church and invited them over for dinner. They shared their music talents and I have to say they sing very well. They sang silent night and the harmony was amazing! They also came over so we could share birthdays. Our son has the same birthday as Elder Deming and close to your son's on the 13th of December. I attached some pictures we took during a family home evening lesson they gave on putting on the Armour of God to help avoid the fiery darts of the adversary. They made this Armour themselves. I love the duct tape and the broom end they used as accents. As you will see, they used a nerf gun to symbolize the fiery darts of the adversary. We loved the lesson and their testimonies.

Tonight during family home evening my children will write some thoughts on Elder Hale and the impact he has had on their life. Your son and his companion have been great examples. My children, ages 17, 14, 11, and 8 have commented over and over how much they really like Elder Hale and Elder Deming and that they are fun missionaries. I will send that to you in the mail. I thought you might like to see the pictures and know what's coming. Thanks again for your sons example. He is an awesome missionary!!

Sister Josie Bennett
Kaysville Utah

Putting on The Whole Armor of God

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Dinner at Hewlett's

Elder Hale and Elder Deming

Baptisms and Transfer to Centerville


Ashley and Bray got baptized Saturday evening!! Ashley's baptism was so cool. It was at 5pm and she had lots of friends and family to support her. She was so ready and the spirit definitely bore witness.
Then Bray's baptism was at 7 so we just added some more hot water to the font for him. Right after he came out of the water he hugged the guy that was baptizing him as he cried and the spirit was there so strong. Then he wanted to bear his testimony and spoke for about ten minutes. Probably half the people there were crying and so happy. His non member parents were there too so they felt the spirit. The next day in sacrament mtg he chose me to do the confirmation. It was such a cool experience! He is so happy and loves the gospel! This gospel is so true!

Now, for the crazy info on transfers...Elder Deming and I are........staying together!!! But not in Kaysville. Apparently because Kaysville is about 90% members it hasn't been doing well this last year as far as baptisms so they are giving our area to other missionaries and taking all our stakes off active proselyting. As for D & I, we are whitewashing Centerville, just two towns south of k-town. But we're in the same district???? It doesnt quite make sense yet. I've determined that my brain isnt large enough to wrap around all that's happening. I will have more info (hopefully) by next week. And I will let you know what I know. But I love ya'll, and now I have to go pack and clean our apartment.

love elder Hale =)

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

New Year's With a Chinese Twist

Hey guys, sorry but I didn't get your email this week.

But new years was great! Preface to my story: Christmas eve we ate Chinese with this family and their Return Missionary son gave the owner of the Chinese place (we eat there all the time) two Chinese Book of Mormons. So New Years eve we ate at the resteraunt with the RM son (Devin) and she invited us back the next evening because she was hosting a dinner for this kid who was called to Taiwan, and she made REAL Chinese food. Such amazing foods as pork ribs, squid, scallops shrimp, cow intestine, duck, lotus root pork things (I don't kow what you call 'em but they're good) and this eggplant stuff. All of it was way good. I think my favorite was the squid and cow intestine. But that's not the coolest part. We are going to teach the resteraunt owner! She is like the nicest lady ever and she remembers me and Elder Deming from when we served in the area 6 months ago and went there like twice! We were so blessed because just a week before we met an rm that spoke Chinese and the owner loves him. So, long story short, we're going to baptize the nicest Chinese lady ever. Her name is Meiquin (may-chi) which means beautiful piano.

And there are many more blessings and answered prayers lately. We just got a call the other day from this kid named Brae that said he lives in Ogden but his bishop up there told him to meet with missionaries in k-town because he has friends here and that he wants to get baptized, so could we teach him? haha! Of COURSE we'll teach him! Another kid (Doug) has been going to church every week for 7 months but hasn't gotten baptized only because his dad wont let him. But recently his dad has been thinking about it more. Woohoo!

So lately my testimony has been strengthened from answers to prayers and fasting. I know the Lord listens and loves us and wants to bless us, we just need to humble ourselves so the blessings come. Thank ya'll for your prayers. They are definitely being answered! I hope everyone had an awesome Christmas break even if you didnt get one =)

Love ya'll! Elder Hale