Wednesday, January 6, 2010

New Year's With a Chinese Twist

Hey guys, sorry but I didn't get your email this week.

But new years was great! Preface to my story: Christmas eve we ate Chinese with this family and their Return Missionary son gave the owner of the Chinese place (we eat there all the time) two Chinese Book of Mormons. So New Years eve we ate at the resteraunt with the RM son (Devin) and she invited us back the next evening because she was hosting a dinner for this kid who was called to Taiwan, and she made REAL Chinese food. Such amazing foods as pork ribs, squid, scallops shrimp, cow intestine, duck, lotus root pork things (I don't kow what you call 'em but they're good) and this eggplant stuff. All of it was way good. I think my favorite was the squid and cow intestine. But that's not the coolest part. We are going to teach the resteraunt owner! She is like the nicest lady ever and she remembers me and Elder Deming from when we served in the area 6 months ago and went there like twice! We were so blessed because just a week before we met an rm that spoke Chinese and the owner loves him. So, long story short, we're going to baptize the nicest Chinese lady ever. Her name is Meiquin (may-chi) which means beautiful piano.

And there are many more blessings and answered prayers lately. We just got a call the other day from this kid named Brae that said he lives in Ogden but his bishop up there told him to meet with missionaries in k-town because he has friends here and that he wants to get baptized, so could we teach him? haha! Of COURSE we'll teach him! Another kid (Doug) has been going to church every week for 7 months but hasn't gotten baptized only because his dad wont let him. But recently his dad has been thinking about it more. Woohoo!

So lately my testimony has been strengthened from answers to prayers and fasting. I know the Lord listens and loves us and wants to bless us, we just need to humble ourselves so the blessings come. Thank ya'll for your prayers. They are definitely being answered! I hope everyone had an awesome Christmas break even if you didnt get one =)

Love ya'll! Elder Hale