Wednesday, July 29, 2009

July 28th email


first of all, thanks for the trek pictures theyre pretty good. and if you havent heard yet, i gave jenna a great big hug for all yall =) it was really weird to see her... and GGL and uncle dave/eloise/katie/steve. really weird. but fun.

i asked eloise and dave about what missionary work they are doing since they have two missionaries out. and they gave utah excuses!! grr. i might have rebuked them a little =)

but enough of that, on to the real letter. this last two weeks has been really hard because so many people were out of town. things that are hindering the work right now: camping, camping, flakey la mothers, flakey la fathers, doesnt want to talk about problems, disapeared, believes in trinity, dont like bappy conditions, dont want to be taught by missionaryies, etc... but apart from that we have three baptism dates =)

one of our eternal investigators is getting baptised this saturday!! his name is Bruce and weve been teaching him for awhile. hes recently overcome a, literally 24/7 chewing tobacco habbit of 37 years!! its so cool!

last week we found someone weve been hearing about for awhile but hasnt been invited to meet with missionaries. so we stopped by and she was really interested and wants to learn more. we havent been able to teach her yet tho cause shes been really sick for the past two weeks but we gave her a bom and she said shed call us when she feels better. her name is sister guard. i dont think she wants to be baptised yet but just learn. we will change that =)

Chalet needs prayers. she is going to be very important to the church someday because satan is working on her so hard before her bap and after. she just lost her job, she had to go to the hospital, and shes looking for a place to live. shes really having a hard time and understands why. shes super solid but its a struggle to stay that way.

satan definately doesnt like this work and will do anything to stop it but this is the Lord's work and with prayers and his help it cannnot fail.

i know thats true and that this truly is a "marvelous work" (d&c4:1) .thanks for all your prayers and missionary efforts. it helps the work so much.

love yall so much!!
Elder Hale

ps jenna told me you have a excellent missionary opportunity with the new neighbors. that sounds exciting! continue your good example and let them know what makes you happy =) love you

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Last pic with outgoing Pres. Joyce and Baptism of Chalet on July 11th.

Where's Elder Hale??

Can you spot Kendric?

June 30th (catch up)

Oh man this has been a crazy week full of drama. There were two amazing investigators (one Jewish) that were extremely excited about getting baptized. And then they couldn't be and now they don't want to talk to us. Great. I know they will get baptized soon its just a matter of time. We didn't make our 200 for june =( Somehow in this last week we lost 40 dates in the mission so were ending up at about 160 souls brought to Christ.

On the brighter side. We are teaching three new investigators. Two of them just got out of jail so they can't be baptised but Jackie loves to learn and I have faith she will be baptized soon. She didn't accept the baptism date on the first lesson but that will change =) And Chalet is a new investigator about 30, who after the opening prayer said basically I want to get baptised, how soon can I do it? She is way awesome and is soaking up the gospel and is trying to be as Christlike as possible. At the end of the first lesson she wanted to know all the commandments that she needed to follow!! She is getting baptized on july 11th.

So, on Friday we had a mission conference that was so awesome!! Pres Joyce spoke about the end of our missions and how being a dedicated missionary now will make a dedicated missionary after. One of my favorite quotes of his was "They say that the mission is a mantle that you lose after your mission. That's trash. All you lose when you leave your mission is a piece of plastic." Throughout the whole meeting the spirit is so strong! And the closing song was one that we sing alot and is one of Sis Joyce's favorites: How Firm a Foundation, especially the last verse(verse 7). Its one of my favorites now.

I know that the gospel is true and I love it. Stay strong and "may the fire of testimony burn in your bones"-Brigham Young

love, Elder Hale