Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Mission pix May 2009

PICTURES...1- Ogden temple

2- The Lawrence Family. their story: Aaron Lawrence was less active since he was teen. Yvette (mom) wants to get baptised but cant at this time but weve been teaching Rayann (8yrold) since before i got to Kaysville. rayann pretty much whipped the fam into shape. shes way awesome but hasnt been baptized yet bc Aaron wants his fam to do it and they are having health probs and they live in texas. and now they are moving to Layton but they will be in good hands with the sister missionaries there. and thats the story =) awesome family!

3- is Larry Eubanks. he was baptized the week before i got to kaysville but we visit him all the time and he is solid in the gospel and way awesome!

Kendric's 1st Transfer

Hi there!

I'm glad to hear Memorial Day went well for yall. I have heard that yall are getting a lot of rain right now. 20 inches? People here in Utah are amazed at that. haha Also, its getting warmer and people are dying because its "so humid." its maybe 20-30% haha

Well yesterday was just a normal day (except for the flags everywhere) in fact it was great because everyone was outside and we could talk to everyone! As far as in the evening there were too many people at family dinners and also it was family home evening so we just tracted apartments for a couple hours,.

Well this transfer period has gone by pretty quickly! I did get a transfer call and my new area that i will be going to tomorrow is Providence, just east of Hyrum and Logan up agianst the mountains. My new comp is Elder Puke Puke (pooky-pooky) from New Zealand. He was in my zone just last transfer and has only been out one more transfer than I have. I hear its nice weather up in Cache Valley during the summer. Its gonna be fun! And there's something I need to learn while I'm there so I will be searching for it.

I love this gospel so much and I know that the Lord's hand is in EVERYTHING!

love yall so much!!
Elder Kendric Hale =)

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

May 19 e-letter

HEY Yall!!

Well this is most likely my last full week in this area. Because elder boizelle has one more transfer, I will probably get transferred a week from tomorrow (May 20).

Last night we ate at the Whitakers again and they had their friend over, his name is Dallas something and he's from the Pasco 1st ward, I told him to say hi to julie for me. So he knows the Whitakers who know Lorin, and also there is a guy in their ward that is in this mission - elder peirce -haha its kinda cool =)

Business is going really slow right now. We had at one point 5 dates but now we're down to zero, kinda tough, none of our investigators want to get baptized right now, or can't, or are moving, or are scared of committing etc... =( But we're still working hard!

Well I have to go but thanks for all your prayers!! They are Much appreciated! The church is truer than ever! Even if people don't want to get baptized!

Love yall so much!Elder Kendric Hale =)

The Mission Car--His First!

The story that goes with the photos: every zone conference all the mission cars get checked by Elder Durrans, and the nicest car gets a prize: a bag of gummy bears.
Well, Elder Boizelle (my companion) has gone his whole mission and will most likely finish without ever having a car. So we decided to make one =) and everyone loved it and we got a prize. It was pretty sweet =) 1-us in our wonderful creation 2-our car compared to an actual, not-as-cool mission car 3-the back of our car

Elder Hale with Trainer

Kendric with his trainer, Elder Kurowski in Kaysville, UT. Not sure where he got the RED hat, or what possessed him to wear it!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

May 5, 2009

Happy almost Mothers day!!

For mothers day i will probably be calling at about 3:00 mtn time but i guess 5:00 FL time! I can only talk for no more than 40 mins. Any longer than that and Sister Joyce says that parents and missionaries get trunkie.

Hows the Book of Mormon reading going?? This last zone conference, Elder Texiera of the 70 spoke to us and challenged us to read the BOM before Pres Olson (new mission pres) comes which is like 8 weeks? oh man, it's gonna be crazy =)

The other day it rained and I thot I was in florida again. There was lightning and everything! I hadn't realized how much I missed lightning haha.

Also about florida, there is a kid that just got called to Orlando. His name is Nate Folkerson and start looking for him on July 29th, that's when he should be there. Also, there is apparently a mission pres over the Ft. Lauderdale mission who is pres Hale. I thot it sounded cool so you should investigate that =)

But I don't really have anything else to say right now. Oh one of our investigators (Logan) just walked into the library haha thats cool. I'm gonna go talk to him =)
Love you all so much!! Thanks for all the prayers!! Talk to you more on mother's day!!

love Elder Hale =)