Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Aug. 25th, 2009


So this week was pretty cool. I told you last week, but wednesday was transfers and my new comp is Elder Hanson with a sOn. Apparently its the "right" way to spell it? He's really good at teaching and so I'm hopfully going to be way better by the end of this transfer. We're gonna be committing everyone for baptism! It's gonna be sweet!

Speaking of which, Callie is getting baptized this Sat and she's so excited!! She loves scripture reading and finishes an assignment the night we give it to her! She's a good example to me of how much more dillegent and excited I need to be.

So last Sunday was the Oquirrh Mountain Temple dedication. It was really weird because they cancelled church in the whole state of UT for it and held one at 9.00am and 3.00pm. We went to both of them =). It was so cool! It was kindof refreshing and a nice change to going to four sacrament meetings.

As far as teaching, things have been a bit slow and crazy because school just started and USU just started so everybody is still getting adjusted to everything. But it also opens up opportunities for kids to invite their friends that they haven't seen all summer and for people to stop going camping! So I'm sure things will pick up around here =)

One sad thing, we haven't seen or been able to get in touch with Carla for over a week now so hopefully she's still doing ok. Please continue to pray for her and for her mother's heart to be softened. I know that with prayers of faith and her willingness to learn and gain a testimony she will get baptized and enter that gate to eternal life.

love you all!
Elder Hale

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Pics from Aug. 4th

1-Chris ward from last transfer
2-Bruce Nason who got baptized Saturday the first!!
3- Logan Temple at night from the logan elder's apartmant

Aug. 4th, 2009


woohoo! saturday one of our eternal investigators got baptised! his name is bruce and he was so ready to be baptised. he has been working so hard to prepare himself. its so cool to see that change.

other than that this last week was pretty slow. we werent able to teach very many investigators. it felt like a finding week, weve been interrogating the members but this next week feels like a harvesting week!! its gonna be great, we already have a new investigator scheduled for wednesday!! and guess how we found her, through the members =)

sorry this is kinda short this week but i hope the pictures make up for it =)

thanks for all your prayers and support!!

love yall,

Elder Hale

Aug. 11th, 2009

hey yall!

I got your plump letter but i havent gotten the last two emails from you. maybe try to resend them? its fun to hear how youre doing =)

This last week has been challenging. last tuesday we lost our phone, left it in the backseat of a member who gave us a ride (cause we cant drive on pdays). and by the time we realized it was gone, he had gone camping. so weve been very humbled by this and weve realized how important comunication is and what a blessing it is to have a phone. so by not having a phone weve put a lot more miles on our car by having to actually go and check on lessons and such. also through miscummunication + noncumunication one of our wards is not happy with us. so we are trying to get their trust back. it wont be hard tho. all will be well.

But we got a new investigator this week, yesterday actually. her name is carla and she is 17. for the past four years she has gone to girls camp because she said theres a feeling there that she doesnt feel at home. and in the past three years she has never been invited to meet with missionaries to learn why. but one of her leaders (an RM) invited her this last time and shes way excited! she has a baptism date and just needs to read and pray and go to church. she definately needs prayers to help her progress.

Also keep praying for Chalet, shes doing better but is still having struggles. I know prayers work. I know that as we petition to god and show that we care and that its important to us he will answer. He loves us and wants to help us but we need to ask first.

I love y'all so much and thank you for all your prayers!

Elder Hale =)