Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Miracles Happen

news on the upcoming baptisms for the 21st: the three girls are super excited about getting baptized! myself and elder Kay are the ones going to baptize them. tiffany asked me to and alondra asked kay and monica couldn't decide so we flipped a coin and it landed on me haha. so this will be the first time I've baptized someone (two someones). it will be a blast! Amanda and her husband decided that it would be best to wait until all the family comes for the baby being born. as of sunday none of the family knew that she was getting baptized. so they talked and prayed about it and she's planning on being baptized in october. if she wasn't so solid i would be concerned but she's really excited about baptism and knows that shell have to work extra hard to keep that fire burning. it will all work out =)

yesterday, we were kind of having a slow morning and our 8pm lesson canceled and we had a guy's name written down but couldn't remember why so we just decided to go to brother wolfgram's house. (he's the ward mission leader for the ward with the three girls and amanda). we show up and there's another guy there working. wolfgram explained that he was a guy looking for work and as he was walking by felt the spirit tell him to talk to that guy and ask him for work. and then we showed up. he's from tennesee and knows nothing about the lds church but would like to learn. coincidences don't happen, especially as a missionary. i know heavenly father is mindful of all his children and knows their needs. he loves us and doesn't want to ever leave us hangin', but that whole agency thing makes it so we have to ask seek and knock for his blessings which means keeping his commandments to show him that we really mean it. I know he loves me and just like a good parent wants to help me help myself. this gospel is great isnt it? =) its true and always will be, He promised that.

love ya'll

Elder Kendric Hale

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Pictures on 8/10/10

pic info: theres some rainbows, the four of us that lived in farmington (funny thing, we swapped comps deming was serving with alexander the black one and i am serving with kay. alexander went home thats why he has that tie haha), me golfing, great form huh? and elder bennett

Aug 10th

Here are a couple things that happened this week.

first of all, today we went golfing (my first time) with a guy in our area he paid for us and let us use some of his clubs. it was fun i have no idea what my score was, my goal was to just get it to the hole. haha.

we have four investigators with a date and they are all progressing themselves nicely. the three sisters that are getting baptized on the 21st are super excited and loving the gospel, they are so happy. and thats about it. oh, funny random thing happened i was waiting at a stop sign and some old guy turned the corner and as he passed he blew us a kiss! super random! we dont even know thae guy!

now for the pictures

love yall!

Elder Hale =)

Good Stuff on Aug. 3, 2010

Patience and prayers pay off!!

This last week we picked up 4 new investigators all of which have bappy dates for aug 21st!! Amanda was taught about a year ago but wasnt ready to be baptized. we got the refferal from the missionary that tot her a year ago and we stopped by. she said that she had been thinking she should start going to church again just a few days before we stopped by and feels ready for baptism now! the only problem (and its a good problem) is that she wants to finish the whole book of mormon before shes baptized. shes workin on it. our other investigators are three girls 10-15 years old that us and the senior couple are teaching. they are super awesome!! please pray for jessica she is in virginia with her parents and is very nervous to talk to them about baptism cause last time she did her mom wouldnt talk to her for a week. s o pray for her that she can have courage and for her parents hearts to be softened and can feel the spirit. shes 21 but wants their blessing. thanks!

this last week a cool family that we visit sent their son to the mtc, hes going to gualamala. we said goodbye in the morning and his whole family had blank stares and were completely out of it. that evening she sent us a text and said "you guys better come over, were not doing very well." all they wanted to know was what he was doing, when does he get his mail, how he was probly feeling. they were a mess. were you guys like that when i left? i didnt think it was that tramatic.

anyway thanks for everything! love yall

elder hale =)