Tuesday, June 23, 2009

June 23

Talofa!! (samoan for hello)

This week was great! This last Saturday we had two baptisms!! Hosanna and Chris!! I'll get some pics to you next week. But it is sooo amazing to watch someone come closer to Jesus Christ and to see that spirit in their life. We have that awesome addiction to do missionary work and we are searching everywhere for people we can help!! We are getting close to the end of the month and we are close to 200 baptisms for June before Pres. Joyce leaves!!

As far as the number of wards that we cover, we cover from 35-40. We don't have an accurate number because our wards keep splitting on us and we just got a new ward and possibly a new stake soon. The area is great. At this time of year apparently it should be brown and dry but we've had rain almost every day. It's great, I love rain. Rain helps things to grow just like the gospel helps people to grow spiritually. =)

As far as the Book of Mormon reading, its going really good. I'm on Mosiah 22 and it all makes so much more sense!! That's awesome that Travis is reading the Stick of Ephr- uh, Book of Mormon by himself. Good for him!! =)

Hey, I gotta go because all the elders are bugging me to get off! But I love ya'll so much, and thanks for everything!!

Love, Elder Hale

PS...HAPPY FATHER'S DAY!!!I love you!! Sorry I can't write more =) You're the best dad ever!!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Elder Kendric on 6/16/09


I'm still alive and well but not alot to say other than we have a baptism this Saturday for Hosanna. She's so excited she moved her date a week early. It's fun to teach at their house because they speak Samoan all the time. I've even become pretty fluent in that language...not really but I know some words =)

There is a mission conference/fireside coming up on Fri 26 of June. Everyone that can come should come! It's in the Ogden Tabernacle and starts at 7pm. All the missionaries in the mission will be singing and our mission pres and wife will be speaking their last Utah Ogden Mission talks. It's gonna be great =)

That's the update. Not much else. But we are being super blessed with people to teach and help come to Christ. This work is awesome! It truely bleses lives, especially mine =)

Thanks for all your prayers and support.
Love yall!
Elder Hale

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

June 9th Pics

1-Logan Temple
2-Cheri Ballard (the girl in the front with the whitish dress?) recently baptized last saturday.

June 9th, 2009 letter

Hey Yall!!

So, I am so excited for trek... and I'm not even going! You are going to have a blast!! It does get really hot and its not easy, but oh man is it fun! I'm pretty dang jealous.

Yeah i got the box. Thanks so much for my sun glasses, the sun gets kinda bright sometimes. Providence is going great! Our address is 2100s 210E in Providence (barely). Where did grandpa live? his address? that would be sweet to find his house. We don't cover any part of Logan but we cover River Heights and the Island which is basically Logan, its right next to USU campus and the temple. More about Elder Pukepuke? um... he's from New Zealand... he has a cool accent.. he's pretty good to work with... I've learned a lot about rugby and cricket...? what do you want to know about him?

We have some good investigators right now and a lot of potentials that need to be invited by members. We are teaching a kid named Chris from Preston, he has a GF here in Providence and visits her at least every weekend and goes to church. He's way awesome and just eats up the gospel. Our other good investigator is a Samoan girl that lives with good active members (also kind of Samoan). Her name is Hosanna and we have a lesson with her today. She's been going to church for awhile and is really interested so were going to give her a date =) its gonna be SWEET!!

Having a car is great. It makes it a lot easier to get around, especially since we cover most of the bench (foothills by the mountain). There is so much work to be done here and so many people that move into Utah but don't know exactly why. haha I know! They are being brought to a place where they can learn about the gospel and see good examples. Its so cool to see peoples lives change!

Thank you for your prayers! Remember to listen after your prayers for that is when we recieve personal revelation. I know this gospel is true. How can it not be true with the way it changes peoples lives?!! I know we can recieve personal revelation if we're doing all we can to follow Christ.

Love you all so much
Elder Kendric hale =)

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Families from Kaysville

1- The Selleneits. The fam that we are related to through Aroet. super awesome. (jenna they have horses)

2- The Evans who so graciously lets the missionaries use their basement in kaysville East.

1st Letter From Providence, Utah

Hey yall!

Got both emails. I have not recieved the box yet. Sounds interesting tho. =)

Providence is great! I didn't know its family history tho, I'll have to look at that. If you have extra info about it feel free to send it. We live in the basement of a member on the border of Providence and Millville, just off of 200 W in Providence and Main in Millville (its the same street). We cover three stakes and from 35-40 wards (we're not sure right now. There were some wards that were split). What I like most about the area I think is that its a little more rural and also way greener than kaysville =) and also I have a car =D and Elder Pukepuke can't drive because he doesn't have an American driver licence so I'm the driver, which helps me learn the area quicker.

This morning we went through the Logan Temple and I thought about all the family history that happened there that I do and don't know about. Its pretty cool. =) And we are doing emails in the Logan Tabernacle.

Well I gots to go but I want everyone to know that I love yall!! Thanks for your prayers, there are miracles happening, I just cant write then right now. But I know your prayers help!

Love Elder Kendric Hale =)