Thursday, November 5, 2009

November's Here

Hey all!

Well, not a lot has happened this week except Halloween. It's not the greatest holiday, there's too many people that think that wearing basically nothing is a costume and they think its cool. It's not. We were walking around during the day and there were so many people that aasked if we were real missionaries or just dressed up like missionaries. And one guy that was like "wow guys, you really went out on a limb didnt you?" Yeah, we are real missionaries and we can baptize you to prove it! The rule on halloween is that we can't work past 6pm and we have to either be in a member's home or sit in our apartment. We chose members. The Smith's are an awesome family. We just played games and had fun. Bro Smith was torturing us by having the World Series on and making comments like "wow that was a good play". It's amazing how much more I like sports when I can't watch them =( Oh well. It was really fun.

As far as more spiritual things, we got two more baptism dates and we have a baptism this Saturday. Katreasha's getting baptized! The only problem is that it's at the same time as Marshall's wedding. We're working on that.

Yes, transfers are coming up on Nov11th. I have been in Providence for 6 months now. I really like it. It's a great area to work in. It's possible that I will stay in the area tho, Pres Olson doesnt care how long you're in an area as long as your good for that area. He served his mission in Sweden and was in an area for 9 months, so it's not a big deal to him. Who knows, it will be exciting to see what happens. But whatever happens, it happens because it needs to. God isn't random. He doesn't do things just because, he does it for a purpose. Unknown to us most of the time, but always for our benefit. I know that's true.

I love you all, and thanks for all of your prayers and support.

Love Elder Hale =)