Thursday, November 5, 2009

November's Here

Hey all!

Well, not a lot has happened this week except Halloween. It's not the greatest holiday, there's too many people that think that wearing basically nothing is a costume and they think its cool. It's not. We were walking around during the day and there were so many people that aasked if we were real missionaries or just dressed up like missionaries. And one guy that was like "wow guys, you really went out on a limb didnt you?" Yeah, we are real missionaries and we can baptize you to prove it! The rule on halloween is that we can't work past 6pm and we have to either be in a member's home or sit in our apartment. We chose members. The Smith's are an awesome family. We just played games and had fun. Bro Smith was torturing us by having the World Series on and making comments like "wow that was a good play". It's amazing how much more I like sports when I can't watch them =( Oh well. It was really fun.

As far as more spiritual things, we got two more baptism dates and we have a baptism this Saturday. Katreasha's getting baptized! The only problem is that it's at the same time as Marshall's wedding. We're working on that.

Yes, transfers are coming up on Nov11th. I have been in Providence for 6 months now. I really like it. It's a great area to work in. It's possible that I will stay in the area tho, Pres Olson doesnt care how long you're in an area as long as your good for that area. He served his mission in Sweden and was in an area for 9 months, so it's not a big deal to him. Who knows, it will be exciting to see what happens. But whatever happens, it happens because it needs to. God isn't random. He doesn't do things just because, he does it for a purpose. Unknown to us most of the time, but always for our benefit. I know that's true.

I love you all, and thanks for all of your prayers and support.

Love Elder Hale =)

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

October 27, 2009 Pictures

1st snow in Logan

Kendric w/Logan Temple beyond
Elder Hale at Marshall's baptism

Snow in Logan!

Hey all!!

So, we woke up this morning to go to the temple and it was snowing with an inch already on the ground. Winter is here and it's supposed to only get worse. darn.

But all of that depressing news isn't depressing when you talk about baptisms! Marshall's baptism was great! We held it in the font at the Logan Tabernacle. The program was great and very involved and we even had a nonmember there. Afterward, Marshall got up and bore his testimony. The spirit was so strong! Stake conference was the next day so he will be confirmed on the first of Nov.

Speaking of stake conference, it was actually a regional stake conference held at the Spectrum up at USU. And who came to speak? None other than Ronald A. Rasband, M. Russell Ballard, and Henry B. Eyring. We got to go to the Spectrum and we sat right next to one of the cameras about 100ft away from those apostles. And it was cool because the cameraman was from Spanish Fork and knew the Heywoods.All of their talks were amazing!

So, on Thursday the elders that serve in Wellsville got emergency transfered to North Logan/Smithfield and we got sisters. It's kinda cool to have sisters in our district again and it's something that should be good for the area too. That same day we got a new car. Because its getting colder they're moving all the Pontiac Vibes up north and we got an '09 Malibu. It's a lot bigger car but it looks nice. Oh, and it gets missionary work done good too =)

So, we lost a date from Marshall being baptized, but we gained another one. Her name is Yani and we've been teaching her for a little while, but she finally accepted a date for Nov. 28th. It will be a challenge because she has some wow problems. But we read some scriptures and assured her that if she prays for help and has the desire she will be able to stop and be ready for bapism. I definately know that she can do it. It's possible with the Lord's help. I know all things are possible with the Lord's help. Even tho I was sick this past week I was still able to work. If the Lord wants his work to get done, which he does, then he provides a way. I was blessed to not actually get swine flu, I only had a fever for one day and then it just turned into a cold. So thanks for all of your prayers!

love you all
Elder Hale =)

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Winter's Coming

All in favor of watching general conference again say I!! It was amazing! I loved Niel L Anderson's about repentance and Pres. Monson's about anger and service, and Pres. Uchtdorf made me dad trunkie. But I loved Elder Holland's, he was way into it. I thot he was going to jump over the pulpit! His testimony of the Book of Mormon was intense! There's no way after that talk anyone could say the BOM is not true. I hope my testimony of the BOM can get that way, to the point where when I bear testimony of it nobody can disbelieve my words.

Well the fall colors are great right now but it feels like winter already. In the past week it's snowed twice already and the averege this week was 40 degrees. Thats so stinkin' cold for a Florida boy!! Needless to say, I brought out my big jacket. We are looking for a new apartment because the one we're in is way cold. It was even cold during the summer. I'll let you know if I need any winter stuff. Yesterday we had to travel down to Ogden for Elder Henke's glasses. It's a lot warmer there, by about 15 degrees. But through the canyon was a big snow storm wich was exciting. It was beautiful tho. The food of the week was taco soup. Had it 3 times, twice in one day. Fun stuff.

Elder Henke is pretty cool, he's got long arms and...he's 6'2 and...he has long arms. I dunno what to say about him except he's the polar opposite of my last companion, which is refreshing in a lot of ways. We don't have a lot of investigators and none with a date. But there is Erin & TJ Kaufman (bro12 and sis14) Justin Haas (9) and Brianne (9). All of them just need to have more desire and a better testimony of the atonement. I'm sure we'll get a new investigator soon tho. There are some people that are being prepared right now. We don't know who they are but we will find them.

Love ya'll so much!! Thanks for all ya'll's prayers!

Love, Elder Hale

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Hi on Sept. 29th!

This last week has been good except we lost all three dates. But we will recommit them this week, but no one else new. Yesterday we did some service with the Hyrum elders and I helped clean the chicken coop. It was a new experience, not bad tho.

So its transfer time again. I am staying in Providence and I'm getting Elder Henke (pronaounced Hanky). It will be sweet, and Hanson is getting transfered to LA California. Goin home! He's so excited.

Tell Ben and Sicili thanks so much. I've met a cool family that is related thru Alma H. Yeah I think I will get some jelly beans for conf. even tho im trying to not gain weight.

Note to all, send all mail to the mission office, 2133 washington blvd ogden, UT 84401

love yall so much!!
Elder Hale =)

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Special Folks in Providence, UT

Sept. 22, 2009

Hey all!

This week has been much better than the past few. We got two new investigators with dates and we were able to recommit one of our other investigators. So we have three dates! Not as much as have had or could have, but it's good for right now. Our two new investigators are a brother and sister 12&14. Thanks for the refferral. Since he's a student I cant teach him, but we'll figure it out =).

Elder Hanson has had another trunky week, but other than that and the wonderful investigator stuff there's not much else that has happened. Oh, I was on exchanges with Elder Fairbanks (one of my zone leaders), and we went to do some service for an ivestigator of theirs from New York. We started talking about church and stuff and her big concern with this church was that in sacrament meeting there are too many kids and she doesn't like kids. And young couples being young couples, and it's too distracting and we don't know anything because that's what weve grown up with, and since she's from NY she wants to just yell at everyone. Elder Fairbanks was getting into it and we were late for a lesson, so I asked for a closing prayer and it all ended well. haha It was exciting.

But thank you for all your prayers and support.

Love you all!
Elder Hale

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Aug. 25th, 2009


So this week was pretty cool. I told you last week, but wednesday was transfers and my new comp is Elder Hanson with a sOn. Apparently its the "right" way to spell it? He's really good at teaching and so I'm hopfully going to be way better by the end of this transfer. We're gonna be committing everyone for baptism! It's gonna be sweet!

Speaking of which, Callie is getting baptized this Sat and she's so excited!! She loves scripture reading and finishes an assignment the night we give it to her! She's a good example to me of how much more dillegent and excited I need to be.

So last Sunday was the Oquirrh Mountain Temple dedication. It was really weird because they cancelled church in the whole state of UT for it and held one at 9.00am and 3.00pm. We went to both of them =). It was so cool! It was kindof refreshing and a nice change to going to four sacrament meetings.

As far as teaching, things have been a bit slow and crazy because school just started and USU just started so everybody is still getting adjusted to everything. But it also opens up opportunities for kids to invite their friends that they haven't seen all summer and for people to stop going camping! So I'm sure things will pick up around here =)

One sad thing, we haven't seen or been able to get in touch with Carla for over a week now so hopefully she's still doing ok. Please continue to pray for her and for her mother's heart to be softened. I know that with prayers of faith and her willingness to learn and gain a testimony she will get baptized and enter that gate to eternal life.

love you all!
Elder Hale

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Pics from Aug. 4th

1-Chris ward from last transfer
2-Bruce Nason who got baptized Saturday the first!!
3- Logan Temple at night from the logan elder's apartmant

Aug. 4th, 2009


woohoo! saturday one of our eternal investigators got baptised! his name is bruce and he was so ready to be baptised. he has been working so hard to prepare himself. its so cool to see that change.

other than that this last week was pretty slow. we werent able to teach very many investigators. it felt like a finding week, weve been interrogating the members but this next week feels like a harvesting week!! its gonna be great, we already have a new investigator scheduled for wednesday!! and guess how we found her, through the members =)

sorry this is kinda short this week but i hope the pictures make up for it =)

thanks for all your prayers and support!!

love yall,

Elder Hale

Aug. 11th, 2009

hey yall!

I got your plump letter but i havent gotten the last two emails from you. maybe try to resend them? its fun to hear how youre doing =)

This last week has been challenging. last tuesday we lost our phone, left it in the backseat of a member who gave us a ride (cause we cant drive on pdays). and by the time we realized it was gone, he had gone camping. so weve been very humbled by this and weve realized how important comunication is and what a blessing it is to have a phone. so by not having a phone weve put a lot more miles on our car by having to actually go and check on lessons and such. also through miscummunication + noncumunication one of our wards is not happy with us. so we are trying to get their trust back. it wont be hard tho. all will be well.

But we got a new investigator this week, yesterday actually. her name is carla and she is 17. for the past four years she has gone to girls camp because she said theres a feeling there that she doesnt feel at home. and in the past three years she has never been invited to meet with missionaries to learn why. but one of her leaders (an RM) invited her this last time and shes way excited! she has a baptism date and just needs to read and pray and go to church. she definately needs prayers to help her progress.

Also keep praying for Chalet, shes doing better but is still having struggles. I know prayers work. I know that as we petition to god and show that we care and that its important to us he will answer. He loves us and wants to help us but we need to ask first.

I love y'all so much and thank you for all your prayers!

Elder Hale =)

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

July 28th email


first of all, thanks for the trek pictures theyre pretty good. and if you havent heard yet, i gave jenna a great big hug for all yall =) it was really weird to see her... and GGL and uncle dave/eloise/katie/steve. really weird. but fun.

i asked eloise and dave about what missionary work they are doing since they have two missionaries out. and they gave utah excuses!! grr. i might have rebuked them a little =)

but enough of that, on to the real letter. this last two weeks has been really hard because so many people were out of town. things that are hindering the work right now: camping, camping, flakey la mothers, flakey la fathers, doesnt want to talk about problems, disapeared, believes in trinity, dont like bappy conditions, dont want to be taught by missionaryies, etc... but apart from that we have three baptism dates =)

one of our eternal investigators is getting baptised this saturday!! his name is Bruce and weve been teaching him for awhile. hes recently overcome a, literally 24/7 chewing tobacco habbit of 37 years!! its so cool!

last week we found someone weve been hearing about for awhile but hasnt been invited to meet with missionaries. so we stopped by and she was really interested and wants to learn more. we havent been able to teach her yet tho cause shes been really sick for the past two weeks but we gave her a bom and she said shed call us when she feels better. her name is sister guard. i dont think she wants to be baptised yet but just learn. we will change that =)

Chalet needs prayers. she is going to be very important to the church someday because satan is working on her so hard before her bap and after. she just lost her job, she had to go to the hospital, and shes looking for a place to live. shes really having a hard time and understands why. shes super solid but its a struggle to stay that way.

satan definately doesnt like this work and will do anything to stop it but this is the Lord's work and with prayers and his help it cannnot fail.

i know thats true and that this truly is a "marvelous work" (d&c4:1) .thanks for all your prayers and missionary efforts. it helps the work so much.

love yall so much!!
Elder Hale

ps jenna told me you have a excellent missionary opportunity with the new neighbors. that sounds exciting! continue your good example and let them know what makes you happy =) love you

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Last pic with outgoing Pres. Joyce and Baptism of Chalet on July 11th.

Where's Elder Hale??

Can you spot Kendric?

June 30th (catch up)

Oh man this has been a crazy week full of drama. There were two amazing investigators (one Jewish) that were extremely excited about getting baptized. And then they couldn't be and now they don't want to talk to us. Great. I know they will get baptized soon its just a matter of time. We didn't make our 200 for june =( Somehow in this last week we lost 40 dates in the mission so were ending up at about 160 souls brought to Christ.

On the brighter side. We are teaching three new investigators. Two of them just got out of jail so they can't be baptised but Jackie loves to learn and I have faith she will be baptized soon. She didn't accept the baptism date on the first lesson but that will change =) And Chalet is a new investigator about 30, who after the opening prayer said basically I want to get baptised, how soon can I do it? She is way awesome and is soaking up the gospel and is trying to be as Christlike as possible. At the end of the first lesson she wanted to know all the commandments that she needed to follow!! She is getting baptized on july 11th.

So, on Friday we had a mission conference that was so awesome!! Pres Joyce spoke about the end of our missions and how being a dedicated missionary now will make a dedicated missionary after. One of my favorite quotes of his was "They say that the mission is a mantle that you lose after your mission. That's trash. All you lose when you leave your mission is a piece of plastic." Throughout the whole meeting the spirit is so strong! And the closing song was one that we sing alot and is one of Sis Joyce's favorites: How Firm a Foundation, especially the last verse(verse 7). Its one of my favorites now.

I know that the gospel is true and I love it. Stay strong and "may the fire of testimony burn in your bones"-Brigham Young

love, Elder Hale

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

June 23

Talofa!! (samoan for hello)

This week was great! This last Saturday we had two baptisms!! Hosanna and Chris!! I'll get some pics to you next week. But it is sooo amazing to watch someone come closer to Jesus Christ and to see that spirit in their life. We have that awesome addiction to do missionary work and we are searching everywhere for people we can help!! We are getting close to the end of the month and we are close to 200 baptisms for June before Pres. Joyce leaves!!

As far as the number of wards that we cover, we cover from 35-40. We don't have an accurate number because our wards keep splitting on us and we just got a new ward and possibly a new stake soon. The area is great. At this time of year apparently it should be brown and dry but we've had rain almost every day. It's great, I love rain. Rain helps things to grow just like the gospel helps people to grow spiritually. =)

As far as the Book of Mormon reading, its going really good. I'm on Mosiah 22 and it all makes so much more sense!! That's awesome that Travis is reading the Stick of Ephr- uh, Book of Mormon by himself. Good for him!! =)

Hey, I gotta go because all the elders are bugging me to get off! But I love ya'll so much, and thanks for everything!!

Love, Elder Hale

PS...HAPPY FATHER'S DAY!!!I love you!! Sorry I can't write more =) You're the best dad ever!!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Elder Kendric on 6/16/09


I'm still alive and well but not alot to say other than we have a baptism this Saturday for Hosanna. She's so excited she moved her date a week early. It's fun to teach at their house because they speak Samoan all the time. I've even become pretty fluent in that language...not really but I know some words =)

There is a mission conference/fireside coming up on Fri 26 of June. Everyone that can come should come! It's in the Ogden Tabernacle and starts at 7pm. All the missionaries in the mission will be singing and our mission pres and wife will be speaking their last Utah Ogden Mission talks. It's gonna be great =)

That's the update. Not much else. But we are being super blessed with people to teach and help come to Christ. This work is awesome! It truely bleses lives, especially mine =)

Thanks for all your prayers and support.
Love yall!
Elder Hale

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

June 9th Pics

1-Logan Temple
2-Cheri Ballard (the girl in the front with the whitish dress?) recently baptized last saturday.

June 9th, 2009 letter

Hey Yall!!

So, I am so excited for trek... and I'm not even going! You are going to have a blast!! It does get really hot and its not easy, but oh man is it fun! I'm pretty dang jealous.

Yeah i got the box. Thanks so much for my sun glasses, the sun gets kinda bright sometimes. Providence is going great! Our address is 2100s 210E in Providence (barely). Where did grandpa live? his address? that would be sweet to find his house. We don't cover any part of Logan but we cover River Heights and the Island which is basically Logan, its right next to USU campus and the temple. More about Elder Pukepuke? um... he's from New Zealand... he has a cool accent.. he's pretty good to work with... I've learned a lot about rugby and cricket...? what do you want to know about him?

We have some good investigators right now and a lot of potentials that need to be invited by members. We are teaching a kid named Chris from Preston, he has a GF here in Providence and visits her at least every weekend and goes to church. He's way awesome and just eats up the gospel. Our other good investigator is a Samoan girl that lives with good active members (also kind of Samoan). Her name is Hosanna and we have a lesson with her today. She's been going to church for awhile and is really interested so were going to give her a date =) its gonna be SWEET!!

Having a car is great. It makes it a lot easier to get around, especially since we cover most of the bench (foothills by the mountain). There is so much work to be done here and so many people that move into Utah but don't know exactly why. haha I know! They are being brought to a place where they can learn about the gospel and see good examples. Its so cool to see peoples lives change!

Thank you for your prayers! Remember to listen after your prayers for that is when we recieve personal revelation. I know this gospel is true. How can it not be true with the way it changes peoples lives?!! I know we can recieve personal revelation if we're doing all we can to follow Christ.

Love you all so much
Elder Kendric hale =)

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Families from Kaysville

1- The Selleneits. The fam that we are related to through Aroet. super awesome. (jenna they have horses)

2- The Evans who so graciously lets the missionaries use their basement in kaysville East.

1st Letter From Providence, Utah

Hey yall!

Got both emails. I have not recieved the box yet. Sounds interesting tho. =)

Providence is great! I didn't know its family history tho, I'll have to look at that. If you have extra info about it feel free to send it. We live in the basement of a member on the border of Providence and Millville, just off of 200 W in Providence and Main in Millville (its the same street). We cover three stakes and from 35-40 wards (we're not sure right now. There were some wards that were split). What I like most about the area I think is that its a little more rural and also way greener than kaysville =) and also I have a car =D and Elder Pukepuke can't drive because he doesn't have an American driver licence so I'm the driver, which helps me learn the area quicker.

This morning we went through the Logan Temple and I thought about all the family history that happened there that I do and don't know about. Its pretty cool. =) And we are doing emails in the Logan Tabernacle.

Well I gots to go but I want everyone to know that I love yall!! Thanks for your prayers, there are miracles happening, I just cant write then right now. But I know your prayers help!

Love Elder Kendric Hale =)

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Mission pix May 2009

PICTURES...1- Ogden temple

2- The Lawrence Family. their story: Aaron Lawrence was less active since he was teen. Yvette (mom) wants to get baptised but cant at this time but weve been teaching Rayann (8yrold) since before i got to Kaysville. rayann pretty much whipped the fam into shape. shes way awesome but hasnt been baptized yet bc Aaron wants his fam to do it and they are having health probs and they live in texas. and now they are moving to Layton but they will be in good hands with the sister missionaries there. and thats the story =) awesome family!

3- is Larry Eubanks. he was baptized the week before i got to kaysville but we visit him all the time and he is solid in the gospel and way awesome!

Kendric's 1st Transfer

Hi there!

I'm glad to hear Memorial Day went well for yall. I have heard that yall are getting a lot of rain right now. 20 inches? People here in Utah are amazed at that. haha Also, its getting warmer and people are dying because its "so humid." its maybe 20-30% haha

Well yesterday was just a normal day (except for the flags everywhere) in fact it was great because everyone was outside and we could talk to everyone! As far as in the evening there were too many people at family dinners and also it was family home evening so we just tracted apartments for a couple hours,.

Well this transfer period has gone by pretty quickly! I did get a transfer call and my new area that i will be going to tomorrow is Providence, just east of Hyrum and Logan up agianst the mountains. My new comp is Elder Puke Puke (pooky-pooky) from New Zealand. He was in my zone just last transfer and has only been out one more transfer than I have. I hear its nice weather up in Cache Valley during the summer. Its gonna be fun! And there's something I need to learn while I'm there so I will be searching for it.

I love this gospel so much and I know that the Lord's hand is in EVERYTHING!

love yall so much!!
Elder Kendric Hale =)

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

May 19 e-letter

HEY Yall!!

Well this is most likely my last full week in this area. Because elder boizelle has one more transfer, I will probably get transferred a week from tomorrow (May 20).

Last night we ate at the Whitakers again and they had their friend over, his name is Dallas something and he's from the Pasco 1st ward, I told him to say hi to julie for me. So he knows the Whitakers who know Lorin, and also there is a guy in their ward that is in this mission - elder peirce -haha its kinda cool =)

Business is going really slow right now. We had at one point 5 dates but now we're down to zero, kinda tough, none of our investigators want to get baptized right now, or can't, or are moving, or are scared of committing etc... =( But we're still working hard!

Well I have to go but thanks for all your prayers!! They are Much appreciated! The church is truer than ever! Even if people don't want to get baptized!

Love yall so much!Elder Kendric Hale =)

The Mission Car--His First!

The story that goes with the photos: every zone conference all the mission cars get checked by Elder Durrans, and the nicest car gets a prize: a bag of gummy bears.
Well, Elder Boizelle (my companion) has gone his whole mission and will most likely finish without ever having a car. So we decided to make one =) and everyone loved it and we got a prize. It was pretty sweet =) 1-us in our wonderful creation 2-our car compared to an actual, not-as-cool mission car 3-the back of our car

Elder Hale with Trainer

Kendric with his trainer, Elder Kurowski in Kaysville, UT. Not sure where he got the RED hat, or what possessed him to wear it!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

May 5, 2009

Happy almost Mothers day!!

For mothers day i will probably be calling at about 3:00 mtn time but i guess 5:00 FL time! I can only talk for no more than 40 mins. Any longer than that and Sister Joyce says that parents and missionaries get trunkie.

Hows the Book of Mormon reading going?? This last zone conference, Elder Texiera of the 70 spoke to us and challenged us to read the BOM before Pres Olson (new mission pres) comes which is like 8 weeks? oh man, it's gonna be crazy =)

The other day it rained and I thot I was in florida again. There was lightning and everything! I hadn't realized how much I missed lightning haha.

Also about florida, there is a kid that just got called to Orlando. His name is Nate Folkerson and start looking for him on July 29th, that's when he should be there. Also, there is apparently a mission pres over the Ft. Lauderdale mission who is pres Hale. I thot it sounded cool so you should investigate that =)

But I don't really have anything else to say right now. Oh one of our investigators (Logan) just walked into the library haha thats cool. I'm gonna go talk to him =)
Love you all so much!! Thanks for all the prayers!! Talk to you more on mother's day!!

love Elder Hale =)

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

April 21--new comp.

Hey guys!

This last week has been crazy! Transfers were Wednesday and now my companion is elder Boizelle and he’s great! He’s from mesa AZ and this will probably be his last area. He can sing really well. This last Sunday we sang in sacrament mtg in the Kaysville East 13th ward "Where can I turn for peace" and it was way cool…we were going all over the place singing tenor, bass, alto’ and of course melody, except on the last verse(tenor and bass). I recorded it so you’ll hear it eventually =) and guess who attends that ward? Bro. George Dire, the amazing tenor. We met him afterward and he’s way cool.

This last week we got three new investigators and they’re very interested, but the day after we committed two of them for baptism they were drunk and said it’s too hard. They still want to meet with us but their bap date is pretty much no good anymore. They might take awhile. But with prayers and faith there will be a way.

For all those people who say that Utah missions are easy, they don’t know anything. Yeah, there are a lot of awesome members here, but that just means that the non-members and apostate members go to extremes to prove that they aren’t LDS. We talked to some people the other day that completely believed that smoking and drinking was good for them. And that was their life basically. Its very sad. And what’s with parents that say they will never talk to their kids again if they get baptized?? And the parents are members? Augh! But that’s kindof negative. I’ll stop venting now.

A positive thing that happened this week was that we started teaching an awesome 17-yr old kid named Logan and he’s been coming to church for at least a month and just wants to learn more. He doesn’t want a baptism date yet but he is a sponge!! The ward is also doing a marvelous job of fellowshipping. I’m super excited for him!

I love you all so much and thanks for all your prayers!! Prayers are awesome! The lord said that we get blessings for praying for people, and that’s not very hard is it? So, woo! Free blessings! =)

love yall,
Elder Halestorm =)

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

April 14th, 2009 e-letter

Hola ever'body!This last week was awesome!! Cami got baptized! She's 9 and her mom is recently reactivated. Elder Kurowski baptized her and on Sunday I comfirmed her! It was way sweet! It went very well even tho I've never done that before and Cami was sooo happy!!

This last week we got a refferral from a bishop about this family of three(mom Athena, and kids Andy(20) Mia(19)). They moved out of her parent's house so that they could get baptized! We haven't even taught them a lesson yet but she knows who she wants to baptize them!! Super awesome!! Thanks for all your prayers! This is God's work and is not possible without his help!

Transfers are tomorrow. Can you believe I've been here 6 weeks?! Time flies when youre having fun =) I'm staying in the Kaysville East area (nope we don't have a car but I'm looking for a bike, the Sandholtz actually might have one, so I'll keep on that. I have bike things tho, so I'm set =) but my trainer was called to be DL in the Hyde Park up by Smithfield. He will probobly finish in that area and its cool b/c that is his greenie area haha. My new comp is Elder Boizelle (boy-zell) and I already know him cause he's in our district haha but hes cool.

The East Stake in my area has been shut down from active proselyting I guess because its not being very fruitful? But we still teach lessons and such (and also live in that stake) we just don't search them out.

It's good to hear about the ward. Sounds like a lot of stuff is happening! Yeah, Spencer better write me ;) Maybe when school's out. I got a letter from Brett! It was awesome!! I still have to write him back tho, he's in my write back stack =)

um...what is a Compassionate Service leader?? sounds cool..

Got the snail mail! and i ve been meaning to write one back but these last few weeks have been busy. and nope I don't have white pants yet. Hey! I colored eggs too!! But only four. One of them has all the fam's names on it. Can't wait to eat that one ;) One of them is from a story Elder Kurowski and I are writing about a Russian-Soviet-snowman-spy. It's super cool. its going kinda slow tho cause we have to write it during our lunch time. One of them is a bumblebee and the other one....I cant really remember.. but its fun =)

I will definately pray for those people you mentioned. Thank you all for all your prayers!! It's wonderful! I love you all so much!!! Thank you for all that you do, I definately have been born of goodly parents! =)

Love, Elder Kendric Hale =)

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

April 7th, 2009 letter

Hola Yall!! soo... General Conference was AWESOME!!! It was like being baptized into the deep end of the pool of spiritual awesomeness!! (hows that for an analogy =) My favs were Pres. Uchtdorf and Pres. Eyring's during the priesthood session about not getting distracted by the little things in life so much that we crash, and helping our comrades in this spiritual battlefield we are in, because "No one gets left behind!" I also loved Gary E Stevenson during Sunday pm about how we are never lost when we can see the Temple. And then Elder L Tom Perry's about member missionary work and how important that is!! I had to stop myself from jumping up and yeling WOOHOOOO!!! because member missionary work is sooo important! I used to think that the missionaries could do it all but it is almost impossible or not very successful without the members. I challenge everyone who is reading this to find someone for the missionaries to teach. I know that is easier said than done, but it is possible if we pray and search sincerely because this is the Lord's work and if we ask Him and work WITH Him, He will prepare people to be baptized. I have a testimony of this. I love this work!!

As far as missionary scriptures, I couldn't decide on one, so here are my favs: Isaiah 61:1-- Alma 29:9-- 3 Nephi 5:13-- 19:28--love y'all so much. Sorry I didnt get to all your q's, but I still love you.

Elder Hale

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

3/24/09 Letter from Kendric

Hey everyone!! this week was pretty good, this morning we went to the Bountiful Temple again!

i did not get your snail mail yet did you get mine?

My awesome companion is awesome!! we get along very well together. His nickname is the Russian Spy and hes a certified soccer ref? haha he also says to tell you that Virginia is the celestial kingdom haha.

about the 18 wards that we visit.. we usually follow our investigators or just visit wards that we havent for awhile. like this last sunday we went to both of our singles wards and a family ward to see if lindsay (less active) came to church after we challenged her. she didnt =( An awesome family is the Lawrences. theyare super cool and eat up every thing we teach them! the dad is a member but the rest arn't. they actually arent married so were working on that, he has to talk to the bishop and work everything out before they can be baptized but its so fun to teach them!. we are also teaching a 9 yr old girl and have a bap date for april 4! sweet!! its so graet!

times running out so ill have to get back about the scripture, sorry.
I love yall so super lots!! thank you everybody for your prayers and suppport!!
my fav scrip right now is mosiah 2:41!! its great!!

lve elder kj hale

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

3/17/09 Letter from Elder Kendric

Okie dokie! now i can say what i wanted to last week! Apparently you already know where i am because i got your white bubble package. thanks for the pictures Travis!! those are always fun =)

but just to say it, I am in the Kaysville East area and we cover the Kaysville East and Central stakes which includes 18 wards (and one branch) We live in the basement of a members home, Acel and Lidia Evans. they are an older couple and she is a elementary school teacher (she taeches 8 yr olds) and they are wonderful! My trainer is Elder Kurowski who is from Slovakia.... not really, hes from Yorktown, VA. and hes been out 20 months. hes super cool, Its wonderful to be trained by him!

as for the BOM reading, it hasnt really been going a whole lot since i last wrote because ive been studying lots of other topics (its pretty cool to study by topic in the tropical guide =) but that doesnt mean that the race isnt still going on, it is!

These past two saturdays, there have been two boys baptized, both 9 or 10 yrs old. its pretty cool. we have a zone goal of 29 baptisms for April but right now we are only projected at 2, so we are working hard to find new investigators! haha its awesome!! everyone please pray for people to be ready to hear the gospel and be baptized!

I love yall so much!! you are all so awesome!! thanks for your prayers and support! the church is true!! and i love it! =)

Love Elder Kendric Hale

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Extra letter we received "snail mail"

Hola Family!
Here I am, leaving in two days for the field. I guess by the time you get this I’ll already be out there. Thanks for the package!!! It was so awesome to see all those letters and stuff in there. Yeah, my skittles are gone; I shared them with my district and gave the rest to one of my awesome teachers, brother Smith.

So the other day while I was doing our weekly service assignment, I was talking to my comp, when from behind me someone said “Elder Kendric Hale!” I turned around to see Elder Phil Roberts! We talked for a little bit before he had to go and I haven’t seen him since to take a picture with him.
Funny thing tho, yesterday I was looking for Phil, walking thru what I thot his classroom bldg would be and passed a room and one of the elders said “Hey Elder Hale! We have an elder Hale in our district.” Then one of the sisters that was sitting there said “Hey, I have Hales in my family” (Her name was Sister Waters). So I said “Oh yeah? Are you related to Alma H. Hale?” and she flipped out with excitement! Then the other elder Hale got back and we found out he is related to Alma too! So I’m going back later with my family history stuff to talk to them. Fun stuff! =) I gave them my address so we could talk, and also find which line they’re from.

So I just got back from the temple (because that’s one of the cool things you can do on Sundays). I found the other elder Hale and got a picture with him. I also saw elder Phil Roberts and talked to him pretty much the whole time (also got a picture). He’s going to Paraguay , I don’t know which part. He got here a week before me. He’s still cool...haha.

So I’ve gotten lots of letters from awesome people. There are so many loving people out there, I’m so grateful for them. I’m grateful for your letters too! It makes me realize that life outside the mtc still goes on, hehe.
Mom, just to comfort your motherly worries, I’m not starving. Quite the opposite actually, I eat 3 big meals a day. The food here is way good (not better than yours tho!!) and I’m pretty sure I gained 5 lbs. Whatever.

Hey, so at the end of our Sunday devotional, an Elder Bundy said the closing prayer. So I went and talked to him and he’s from St. George and he’s definitely one of those Bundys that have the big reunions J
OH! Another cool thing, my ZL Eldste Smith (going to Norway , also super cool!) was roommates with Brent Parker at BYU. And I met a sister Little who is the niece of the Littles in the Oviedo ward. Super small world at the MTC!

How is the BoM reading challenge going? I’m doing super great! I’m all the way to….1 Nephi 9….yeah, not very far, but I get lots out of it! I dissect almost every other verse it seems like. And my scriptures are getting marked like crazy, even little notes on the sides in blue pen! It’s super cool. 1 Nephi is so much more interesting now. I love how plainly Nephi speaks, and that he “delights in plainness.” Also, I challenge you to look up Mosiah 4:15 and dissect it. I like how it says “walk” instead of look or speak. ”Walk” is an Action word!
I know that the Book of Mormon is so powerful. Just looking at it every day helps. But just looking at food doesn’t make you full, we must FEAST upon the scriptures and read them every day. The Spirit can be felt so strong! It’s awesome! The Church is so true! The gospel is so true! We must endure to the end! Do you know how many blessings there are for enduring to the end? I challenge you to look it up. It’s amazing! You too Jenna! If just Mom and Dad eat, then it doesn’t help you much, does it? =)

I love ya’ll! So much!! Thanks for all your prayers! Praying is awesome too, by the way! I guess I just found that out about two weeks ago. Heavenly Father Does listen! He loves each one of us! So much that he gave us each other! I can’t imagine who I would be without each one of you.
ELDER Kendric Hale =)

p.s. I miss my guitar…my callouses on my fingers are almost gone.

3-10-09 1st letter from the Field

GRRR!!! I just wrote a big long letter to yall but my time ran out before i could send it.
so, a summary...yeah i got your box thanks soo much!! did you get my box yet?? i sent it from the mtc
My trainer is Elder Kurowski, he is cool. my area is Kaysville East and im living in the downstairs of a member's home (the evans). the carlsons came by the other night while we were out and left a big tuppperware of fresh cookies! (thanks) i dont even know how they knew i was here. news travels fast iguess. ill send some pics next week. not much time today...I love you all so much!! thanks travis for your picture!! the hot tamales are great! sorry about the short letter. bigger one next week

Love,Elder KJ Hale =)

Monday, March 9, 2009

First pix from the field

Elder Hale's 1st companion, Elder Kurowski.

We haven't heard from Kendric yet because he hasn't had a p-day. But we have received word and photos from the mission president's wife, Sister Joyce. Mission p-day is Tuesdays, and Kendric's first area is Kaysville, UT.

Here's his whole group arriving on the first day. President and Sister Joyce are in front with Elder Hale right behind them.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

MTC-2nd week

Whoa this week has gone by fast!! I first would like to thank everyone for your prayers and letters! is awesome. Thank you Grandma and Grandpa Hale and Luann for that awesome picture!! I'll write you a letter but i just want to tell you now too =)Well, we're working on the second lesson and its going pretty well. We taught an "investigator" the other day that was cool. She took a picture and should be sending it to your email. hmm...actually i gave her my email so check that.

But the spirit here is awesome!! I had an awesome experience on sunday! During sacrament meeting the branch pres chooses two missionaries to give talks right then. But the night before i only had a little bit prepared and just told myself that i probably wouldnt get callled anyway. That night, i had a dream that i was called to speak and i got up and started blabbering about nothing. When i woke up i knew i had to finish my talk that morning. I was called to speak in sacrament and did a great job! I am so thankful for that personal revelation from the Lord and that HE loves me enough to want me to be successful in all that i do, even sacrament meeting talks.I love you all so much and I know Heavenly Father loves you.Love Elder Kendric Halep.s. I got my travel info. I leave the 3rd of March at 1030am. i might be able to call home before i board the bus.. but if not then i still love you =)

Friday, February 20, 2009

Kendric's 1st Letter

Howdy yall!!

first of all before i forget, what is jennas email?? and i forgot some stuff at home. i sent a letter awhile ago, actually only two days ago, but it feels like way longer.

This has been the longest, busyest, most spiritualy awesomest week ever! every tuesday night there is a devotional and last night we got to hear from elder M russel Ballard!!!!! it was so awesome!! his talk was amazing! i wish you could watch it, but i dont think they publish mtc talks. it was about missionary work but it would be great for everybody to hear! and it was so cool, i sang in the MTC choir!!! we sang "How Great Thou Art" almost the same arrangement that we practiced but with barritones. i sang half baritone and half bass. and apparently i was on camera! after the meeting elder Brent Parker found me and we talked for a little bit. i need to get a picture with him tho.

yeaterday i leaned how to say thankyou in romanian i think? from some sisters i held a door for. it sounded like "Voldskametsk" it was cool.

so its super weird to see snow all the time everywhere. when it snows its so beautiful. its a different kind of cold tho so im not doing too bad. its so weird to see mountains right outside all the time.i catch a glimpse and think wow those are weird looking clouds. and then i realise haha.Im so thankfull for my family and for all your love and letters. i just got both of them today. please pray for me. i am praying for you!! ill have more time to write more next week

LOVE YOU!!!!elder kendric Hale =)