Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010 Follow-up

Hey y'all! I hope your thanksgiving was amazingly delicious!

We had four dinnners but two of them had to cancel. One had really sick kids, and the other the dad got called in to work so they had thanksgiving the day after. But we still went to three places, two for food and dessert and one for just dessert and talking. It was really fun. Kinda felt bad because Elder Bohanan didn't know anybody, but I guess that's what happens when transfers are two days before.

It was really fun to see my awesome cousins!! I wanted them to come before transfers because Elder Barney was awesome and I knew he wouldn't get distracted at all. He's very focused, and I wasn't sure if I was going to get a companion that was easily distracted, so it worked out perfectly. And, I don't think that Elder Bohanan would get distracted either.

Elder Bohanan-man is pretty cool. He is from the complete opposite end of the US from Floridia. He's from fairbanks Alaska. Pines and palms, beaches and snow banks, grizzlies and gators....frozen and..melting.....anyway, hes been out for 6 months and was born (missionarily speaking) in my first area: Kaysville East! He is the youngest out of five in his family and he's "always prefered the color blue-green" and he likes vanilla or chocolate ice cream.

As far as Christmas goes, the Hill's that we live with already have our day planned. We are gonna wake up and at 5am and go over to the Brookes (they're friends that they eat dinner with every Sunday), and open presents, which should be fun. Then we'll have breakfast and the Brookes will probly talk to their missionary son. Sis Hill has a laptop with a camera that she said I could probly use. I would have to set up the skype account tho.

As far as warmness, I am doing pretty good. Better than the Alaskan it seems. He's always cold. The scarf that I have is a lifesaver and I love it, but it's getting a little beat up and its holey, I mean theres holes in it, cause it was crocheted ( <---weird word). So a missionary from canadia is giving me one of his six that he has, and also a fam that we ate turkey at is gonna get me one. I need to get some of those hot hands warmer things. Elder Barney took all of his with him =(

There is nothing specific that I can think of right now that I want for Christmas... I guess something that won't be hard to come home with.. please no Kenneth Cope or typical lds music. I am kind of sick of that, haha. But I will think of this stuff this week.

Thanks for all of your supprt and love, and have a great week!!

Elder Hale =)

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Nov. 22, 2010...New Companion coming

SURPRISE! you didnt know i was going to email on monday did you? honestly i didnt either. but since thanksgiving is this week we have a half pday today.

So......this transfer has completely flown by so fast.. they say time flies when your having fun and ive had fun serving with elder Barney. i really wanted to serve with him for another transfer but hes been here for six months and he is kinda burned out with syracuse. he is going up to richmond in cache valley. hes gonna freeze to death. my new companion is elder Bohannon. i have no idea who he is ive never heard of him before but i guess hes pretty new. ill give ya more info next week.

A SUPER COOL thing happened this week, my fantastic cousins Chrissy and Kayley came and had dessert with me the other night. our landlord the Hills (who are super awesome) provided ice cream and we had lots of fun. mom and dad, Kayley is thinking about doing an internship in orlando somewhere but wants some more info about the area. anyway it was really cool to see them.

I have made a goal to finish the Book of Mormon by the end of my mission, if anyone wants to take this challenge with me say yes....in a different language... i am just starting 2nd nephi. so you will have to pass me up haha but you can do it!

I have to go but i want yall to know that this restored gospel is true and always will be. our Savior has given us the formula for success in life and its all in the scriptures and in the words of the prophets as long as we follow them we will be good.

love yall

Elder Hale =)