Wednesday, March 25, 2009

3/24/09 Letter from Kendric

Hey everyone!! this week was pretty good, this morning we went to the Bountiful Temple again!

i did not get your snail mail yet did you get mine?

My awesome companion is awesome!! we get along very well together. His nickname is the Russian Spy and hes a certified soccer ref? haha he also says to tell you that Virginia is the celestial kingdom haha.

about the 18 wards that we visit.. we usually follow our investigators or just visit wards that we havent for awhile. like this last sunday we went to both of our singles wards and a family ward to see if lindsay (less active) came to church after we challenged her. she didnt =( An awesome family is the Lawrences. theyare super cool and eat up every thing we teach them! the dad is a member but the rest arn't. they actually arent married so were working on that, he has to talk to the bishop and work everything out before they can be baptized but its so fun to teach them!. we are also teaching a 9 yr old girl and have a bap date for april 4! sweet!! its so graet!

times running out so ill have to get back about the scripture, sorry.
I love yall so super lots!! thank you everybody for your prayers and suppport!!
my fav scrip right now is mosiah 2:41!! its great!!

lve elder kj hale

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

3/17/09 Letter from Elder Kendric

Okie dokie! now i can say what i wanted to last week! Apparently you already know where i am because i got your white bubble package. thanks for the pictures Travis!! those are always fun =)

but just to say it, I am in the Kaysville East area and we cover the Kaysville East and Central stakes which includes 18 wards (and one branch) We live in the basement of a members home, Acel and Lidia Evans. they are an older couple and she is a elementary school teacher (she taeches 8 yr olds) and they are wonderful! My trainer is Elder Kurowski who is from Slovakia.... not really, hes from Yorktown, VA. and hes been out 20 months. hes super cool, Its wonderful to be trained by him!

as for the BOM reading, it hasnt really been going a whole lot since i last wrote because ive been studying lots of other topics (its pretty cool to study by topic in the tropical guide =) but that doesnt mean that the race isnt still going on, it is!

These past two saturdays, there have been two boys baptized, both 9 or 10 yrs old. its pretty cool. we have a zone goal of 29 baptisms for April but right now we are only projected at 2, so we are working hard to find new investigators! haha its awesome!! everyone please pray for people to be ready to hear the gospel and be baptized!

I love yall so much!! you are all so awesome!! thanks for your prayers and support! the church is true!! and i love it! =)

Love Elder Kendric Hale

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Extra letter we received "snail mail"

Hola Family!
Here I am, leaving in two days for the field. I guess by the time you get this I’ll already be out there. Thanks for the package!!! It was so awesome to see all those letters and stuff in there. Yeah, my skittles are gone; I shared them with my district and gave the rest to one of my awesome teachers, brother Smith.

So the other day while I was doing our weekly service assignment, I was talking to my comp, when from behind me someone said “Elder Kendric Hale!” I turned around to see Elder Phil Roberts! We talked for a little bit before he had to go and I haven’t seen him since to take a picture with him.
Funny thing tho, yesterday I was looking for Phil, walking thru what I thot his classroom bldg would be and passed a room and one of the elders said “Hey Elder Hale! We have an elder Hale in our district.” Then one of the sisters that was sitting there said “Hey, I have Hales in my family” (Her name was Sister Waters). So I said “Oh yeah? Are you related to Alma H. Hale?” and she flipped out with excitement! Then the other elder Hale got back and we found out he is related to Alma too! So I’m going back later with my family history stuff to talk to them. Fun stuff! =) I gave them my address so we could talk, and also find which line they’re from.

So I just got back from the temple (because that’s one of the cool things you can do on Sundays). I found the other elder Hale and got a picture with him. I also saw elder Phil Roberts and talked to him pretty much the whole time (also got a picture). He’s going to Paraguay , I don’t know which part. He got here a week before me. He’s still cool...haha.

So I’ve gotten lots of letters from awesome people. There are so many loving people out there, I’m so grateful for them. I’m grateful for your letters too! It makes me realize that life outside the mtc still goes on, hehe.
Mom, just to comfort your motherly worries, I’m not starving. Quite the opposite actually, I eat 3 big meals a day. The food here is way good (not better than yours tho!!) and I’m pretty sure I gained 5 lbs. Whatever.

Hey, so at the end of our Sunday devotional, an Elder Bundy said the closing prayer. So I went and talked to him and he’s from St. George and he’s definitely one of those Bundys that have the big reunions J
OH! Another cool thing, my ZL Eldste Smith (going to Norway , also super cool!) was roommates with Brent Parker at BYU. And I met a sister Little who is the niece of the Littles in the Oviedo ward. Super small world at the MTC!

How is the BoM reading challenge going? I’m doing super great! I’m all the way to….1 Nephi 9….yeah, not very far, but I get lots out of it! I dissect almost every other verse it seems like. And my scriptures are getting marked like crazy, even little notes on the sides in blue pen! It’s super cool. 1 Nephi is so much more interesting now. I love how plainly Nephi speaks, and that he “delights in plainness.” Also, I challenge you to look up Mosiah 4:15 and dissect it. I like how it says “walk” instead of look or speak. ”Walk” is an Action word!
I know that the Book of Mormon is so powerful. Just looking at it every day helps. But just looking at food doesn’t make you full, we must FEAST upon the scriptures and read them every day. The Spirit can be felt so strong! It’s awesome! The Church is so true! The gospel is so true! We must endure to the end! Do you know how many blessings there are for enduring to the end? I challenge you to look it up. It’s amazing! You too Jenna! If just Mom and Dad eat, then it doesn’t help you much, does it? =)

I love ya’ll! So much!! Thanks for all your prayers! Praying is awesome too, by the way! I guess I just found that out about two weeks ago. Heavenly Father Does listen! He loves each one of us! So much that he gave us each other! I can’t imagine who I would be without each one of you.
ELDER Kendric Hale =)

p.s. I miss my guitar…my callouses on my fingers are almost gone.

3-10-09 1st letter from the Field

GRRR!!! I just wrote a big long letter to yall but my time ran out before i could send it.
so, a summary...yeah i got your box thanks soo much!! did you get my box yet?? i sent it from the mtc
My trainer is Elder Kurowski, he is cool. my area is Kaysville East and im living in the downstairs of a member's home (the evans). the carlsons came by the other night while we were out and left a big tuppperware of fresh cookies! (thanks) i dont even know how they knew i was here. news travels fast iguess. ill send some pics next week. not much time today...I love you all so much!! thanks travis for your picture!! the hot tamales are great! sorry about the short letter. bigger one next week

Love,Elder KJ Hale =)

Monday, March 9, 2009

First pix from the field

Elder Hale's 1st companion, Elder Kurowski.

We haven't heard from Kendric yet because he hasn't had a p-day. But we have received word and photos from the mission president's wife, Sister Joyce. Mission p-day is Tuesdays, and Kendric's first area is Kaysville, UT.

Here's his whole group arriving on the first day. President and Sister Joyce are in front with Elder Hale right behind them.