Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Excited for General Conference!

I am so excited for general conference!!! In this mission for the last conference of your mission you get to attend one session (usually its two but there are so many people going this time). I will be at the Sunday afternoon session sitting about 30' from where all the general authorities walk out =). For the other sessions we have to go with investigators or recent converts. It looks like we might be going to Sunday morning and possibly Saturday morning. I'm so excited to hear what the prophet is going to teach us!! its gonna be amazing!!

Anyway, as far as the people were teaching, the ones with baptism dates are still going strong, and the ones that don't well, they want to be baptized, they're body just hasn't caught up to their spirit yet. A cool thing happened the other day. We were teaching this family of four girls and we're teaching about praying and why its important. The oldest girl got really thotful so we asked what was on her mind and she said "do you have to pray about something if you already know its true?" woo! That's the best feeling, when you look into the eyes of someone youre teaching and know that they know its true. They don't feel like they are ready for baptism yet but they know its true. Colleen went to the womens conference and completely loved it! She's so excited to be baptized!

Love ya'll! Enjoy general conference! Take good notes of what the spirit teaches you! Those impressions don't last very long but are super important. Have a great week!

love Elder Hale =)

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Sept. 7th & Grandpa's Funeral

Hey all!! Sorry I didn't write anything last week, didn't have much time. But update on last week: Those three girls Monica, Tiffany , and Alondra got baptized and confirmed!!! It was such a cool experience to be in the water and perform the baptism! It was funny, they were really nervous before, but when monica and tiffany got out of the water they both asked very excitedly "can we get baptized again? can we get back in?!" Since they have been baptized tho satan has been working on them even harder than before and its been really hard for them to get to church and youth activities and one of the girls is now living 30mins away in Layton. There are two teams playing here on the earth, God's team and Satan's team. When someone is trying to better their lives by obeying the commandments and being baptized, its like taking off satan's jersey and putting on the armor of God which is God's jersey. And satan doesnt like that so he tries anything and everything to attack our weak spots to tear us down and hopefully get us back on his team. The thing about this earthly war is that we already know which team is going to win, God's team. And the most important thing we can do is to keep our armour on, even though its heavy sometimes, and keep making it stronger by doing the little things like church, scriptures, prayer, especially when its tough. There's a good reason we learn those primary answers when we're little because those are vital, meaning without them we die. Spiritually. Doing the little things is how we strenghten ourselves and punch satan in the face!

Alright, i'm done =) but i know that's all true.

It was a special exerience to go to Grampa's funeral on friday. It was an emotion filled day and spiritually draining but a super experience to have. It was fun to see so much family, I didn't think I would be able to go to any family reunions on my mission but i guess i thot wrong. It was sad to realize Grampa was gone and we wouldnt see him anymore with these imperfect mortal eyes but it's extremely comforting to know that he is free from all pain and sorrow in a state of peace and rest like it talks about in alma 40:11 i think. We know he is in that paradise because of the way he lived his life, he is a great example of a disciple of Christ and how we can live the gosple Christ has given to us. Grampa is one of my greatest examples.

I love you all and wish the best for yall, find the daily blessings God gives us =)

Love elder Hale