Wednesday, May 6, 2009

May 5, 2009

Happy almost Mothers day!!

For mothers day i will probably be calling at about 3:00 mtn time but i guess 5:00 FL time! I can only talk for no more than 40 mins. Any longer than that and Sister Joyce says that parents and missionaries get trunkie.

Hows the Book of Mormon reading going?? This last zone conference, Elder Texiera of the 70 spoke to us and challenged us to read the BOM before Pres Olson (new mission pres) comes which is like 8 weeks? oh man, it's gonna be crazy =)

The other day it rained and I thot I was in florida again. There was lightning and everything! I hadn't realized how much I missed lightning haha.

Also about florida, there is a kid that just got called to Orlando. His name is Nate Folkerson and start looking for him on July 29th, that's when he should be there. Also, there is apparently a mission pres over the Ft. Lauderdale mission who is pres Hale. I thot it sounded cool so you should investigate that =)

But I don't really have anything else to say right now. Oh one of our investigators (Logan) just walked into the library haha thats cool. I'm gonna go talk to him =)
Love you all so much!! Thanks for all the prayers!! Talk to you more on mother's day!!

love Elder Hale =)

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  1. So excited for your family and the first Missionary mother's day phone call. My advice is have a list of questions to ask and take notes. Then type the notes up and add them to the book you are keeping printed copies of his e-mails in!!



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