Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Aug. 11th, 2009

hey yall!

I got your plump letter but i havent gotten the last two emails from you. maybe try to resend them? its fun to hear how youre doing =)

This last week has been challenging. last tuesday we lost our phone, left it in the backseat of a member who gave us a ride (cause we cant drive on pdays). and by the time we realized it was gone, he had gone camping. so weve been very humbled by this and weve realized how important comunication is and what a blessing it is to have a phone. so by not having a phone weve put a lot more miles on our car by having to actually go and check on lessons and such. also through miscummunication + noncumunication one of our wards is not happy with us. so we are trying to get their trust back. it wont be hard tho. all will be well.

But we got a new investigator this week, yesterday actually. her name is carla and she is 17. for the past four years she has gone to girls camp because she said theres a feeling there that she doesnt feel at home. and in the past three years she has never been invited to meet with missionaries to learn why. but one of her leaders (an RM) invited her this last time and shes way excited! she has a baptism date and just needs to read and pray and go to church. she definately needs prayers to help her progress.

Also keep praying for Chalet, shes doing better but is still having struggles. I know prayers work. I know that as we petition to god and show that we care and that its important to us he will answer. He loves us and wants to help us but we need to ask first.

I love y'all so much and thank you for all your prayers!

Elder Hale =)

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