Thursday, March 18, 2010

3/18/10 Email

That's a lot of refferral cards! (925) We don't even have that many non members in one of our stakes. There are a total of 227 nonmembers recorded in the Centerville North Stake. I really have no idea what I've told you about which investigators. Probly not much. Please let me know so I can report something.
Yeah I know Heather, she is pretty cool, have him say hi to her for me. Does he know that the Kings live in my area? Its so cool to have the Kings here. She insists on doing our laundry every week. Its kinda cool. She does everything and won't even let us supply detergent. Its weird but cool.

Oh there is something to report. Transfers is today and me and Elder Deming are still compeneros. Six months! Thats a long time. And we got transfered together. We're making history. Actually its Pres Olson that's making history because he is doing a lot of different things. We have a new assistant that has been out for only 9 months and he was never a district leader or zone leader and has been a senior comp for only two transfers. He's a good missionary tho. Its Elder Watts. (I'll send a pic)

We had a dinner the other night with a lady who...I'll just give you the phone call: "hi elders i hope you are able to come to dinner tonight. Its my son's birthday and he is serving in [somewhere I don't remember] and he is turning 21, and to comemorate his birthday we are inviting you elders." It was a good dinner but way too fancy. She commented on our manners tho and said we had been tot well. But sitting up straight on a bench with no back for an hour doesn't make your back feel very good. Its a good thing that we know a chiroprachter. He fixes us up pretty good. Anyway, that lady grew up in St George, and actually her class voted on the name for pineveiw HS. She's pretty sure she knows Pam. We haven't checked yet.
The dinner the following nite was probly the best dinner I've had in a long time. It was hoagie sandwiches on paper plates with plastic cups and forks and spoons for the potato pea soup that we served ourselves into paper bowls. And they had fruit smoothie things for dessert! not brownies or cookies or ice cream!! Plus they were a really cool family.

Let's see...there is a fun thing that we are doing in our apartment (well me and Elder Kay, Alexander and Deming hate puzzles) we are putting puzzles together and gluing them and putting them on the wall. So I'm getting tons of practice and when i get home maybe I'll actually be able to help you on your's instead of pretending to attempt to look like I'm helping. And I had to make a puzzle piece cause it was missing one. I took pictures if you care at all. =)
Dad said you had a lot of questions you wanted me to answer, but I didnt see tons. But I think I answered all of them.
I will write Jenna a letter. Thanks for your prayers and stuff. I love you very much.

love Elder Kendric Hale =)

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