Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Good Stuff on Aug. 3, 2010

Patience and prayers pay off!!

This last week we picked up 4 new investigators all of which have bappy dates for aug 21st!! Amanda was taught about a year ago but wasnt ready to be baptized. we got the refferal from the missionary that tot her a year ago and we stopped by. she said that she had been thinking she should start going to church again just a few days before we stopped by and feels ready for baptism now! the only problem (and its a good problem) is that she wants to finish the whole book of mormon before shes baptized. shes workin on it. our other investigators are three girls 10-15 years old that us and the senior couple are teaching. they are super awesome!! please pray for jessica she is in virginia with her parents and is very nervous to talk to them about baptism cause last time she did her mom wouldnt talk to her for a week. s o pray for her that she can have courage and for her parents hearts to be softened and can feel the spirit. shes 21 but wants their blessing. thanks!

this last week a cool family that we visit sent their son to the mtc, hes going to gualamala. we said goodbye in the morning and his whole family had blank stares and were completely out of it. that evening she sent us a text and said "you guys better come over, were not doing very well." all they wanted to know was what he was doing, when does he get his mail, how he was probly feeling. they were a mess. were you guys like that when i left? i didnt think it was that tramatic.

anyway thanks for everything! love yall

elder hale =)

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