Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Pre-Christmas Missionary Message

Hey yall!

So pretty much all the snow melted and the sun was shiny but it was still cold. But it's nice because we get rides from members a lot.

We had mission conference this last week which was way fun to see all my mission friends and give out my cool business cards that sister Shaw in South Ogden made for me. There is a new Sister who just came into the mission this transfer whose name is Sister Hale. So I hunted her down and turns out we're related at least to Alma H. Hale. She's pretty cool (which goes without saying with that last name), so we got a picture together.

There's a guy that we're trying to get back to church that is just an old cowboy. I commented on his boots and told him the sad tale of how I had to leave my boots at home and he said what size shoe you wear? Then he told me how he had some boots that he never wore that were my size and that I could have them!! yay, early birthday present! They are nice too.

Miracle this week!
There was a 9 or 10 year old girl who came up to us and said I have a friend who wants to be baptized! Then she went and grabbed her friend's arm and brought her over to us and said "this is my friend who wants to be baptized!! Her name is Zoe! She lives.... and her phone number is.... and she needs to be taught by you guys so she can be baptized! When can you teach her?" The most amazing member missionary I've met in this area! I wanted to know that it was Zoe's choice and not being pushed so I turned to Zoe and asked why she wanted to be baptized and she got this big smile on her face and said because me and my dad will be happier and because Jesus gave me an example to follow! So I asked if she wanted to be baptized on Christmas and she said she was hoping she could; she still has to ask her dad but hopefully it will work out. I'm so excited!! All I want for Christmas is someone to come closer to Christ through baptism!! What better day to follow His example?! Then it would truly be a white Christmas!

I've been trying really hard to think of things that I want for Christmas. I just don't know! I have no ideas! I'm very sorry to make it hard but I just really don't know. I just want everybody to focus on Jesus Christ for CHRISTmas and help people get closer to Him thru stronger faith in him helping people repent and be baptized or take the sacrament again and feel the Holy Ghost more in their lives to help lead them through the hard times. I want people to Look for the tender mercies that He gives us, and to make other people smile. That is a true disciple of Jesus Christ. That is what I want. I probably won't see it myself but it will be recorded in heaven and I can watch it later. This gospel is toooo important to not give everybody the agency to accept it, and they won't get to choose until the choice is presented to them through an invitation to repent or be baptized.

I love you all so much. Now is the most important time to study the scriptures and build your faith in Christ.

love ya!!
Elder Hale =)

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