Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Elder Hale Meets Elder Hales


If you haven't heard yet, We got to go visit Elder Hales!! How this came about: Sister Hill (that we live with) got an oportunity to talk to him and when he found out that the missionaries lived at her house he said he wanted to meet us! So on Sunday the Hills drove us to SLC (out of the mission, but dont worry, we got permission =) and we talked to him. It's cool he just looked like a happy grandpa. I told him that one of the most common questions that I get asked is if I'm related to Robert D. Hales. Then I have to point out that he has an "S" and I don't. I also told him that he ordained Grandpa Hale to be a Sealer in the Seattle Temple and he remembered going to Seattle for that.

He asked us first about what was the best part about our mission, then what we would take home from a mission, how faith has played a part of our mission, and how obedience and blessings coincide. Then he asked Zac (Hill) what a mission is and what it means and what someone needs to have to go on a mission; Zac answered amazingly! Then he asked how the new Preach my Gospel training has helped our missionary work, which it's changed how I look at missionary work and work with people and teach. One thing he said was that some of the greatest missionary work that will be done on our missions is writing letters back home. Then I asked what advice he has for us going home and his response was "remember what you did on your mission," that it would be a standard for the rest of my life. He said that the principles of obedience, love, patience, humility, that are learned on a mission are some of the most important things we can learn and that if "those are forgotten at any time after your mission then your mission was in vain." He then explained that we progress so much on a mission and people back home progressed, but not nearly as much, and that when we get home we need to continue to progress, not to go down but lift them up.

Before we left he asked that we have a prayer and asked if I would say it. An apostle asked me to pray!! I was a little nervous as can be expected, but it was such a great feeling of the spirit in the room that my nervousness was gone as soon as it came. We said goodbye and shook his hand and left. It was awesome! I thot it felt like 15-20 mins but Chuck (Hill) says we talked to him for about 30-40. Time flies when you're having fun huh?!!

Other things that happened this week - we are teaching a girl that we invited to get baptized on the 26th of February!! Then after we left I realized I wouldn't be here, it's really weird. Also I found the family of an elder that was in my zone at the mtc two years ago. They are super super excited for him to come home. He gets home on the 9th so I'll get to say hi to him... haha its pretty cool.

Anyway, remember the blessings in your lives, remember the love that your Saviour has for you and remember that His church is forever true. Love you lots!!

Elder Hale =)

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