Friday, February 20, 2009

Kendric's 1st Letter

Howdy yall!!

first of all before i forget, what is jennas email?? and i forgot some stuff at home. i sent a letter awhile ago, actually only two days ago, but it feels like way longer.

This has been the longest, busyest, most spiritualy awesomest week ever! every tuesday night there is a devotional and last night we got to hear from elder M russel Ballard!!!!! it was so awesome!! his talk was amazing! i wish you could watch it, but i dont think they publish mtc talks. it was about missionary work but it would be great for everybody to hear! and it was so cool, i sang in the MTC choir!!! we sang "How Great Thou Art" almost the same arrangement that we practiced but with barritones. i sang half baritone and half bass. and apparently i was on camera! after the meeting elder Brent Parker found me and we talked for a little bit. i need to get a picture with him tho.

yeaterday i leaned how to say thankyou in romanian i think? from some sisters i held a door for. it sounded like "Voldskametsk" it was cool.

so its super weird to see snow all the time everywhere. when it snows its so beautiful. its a different kind of cold tho so im not doing too bad. its so weird to see mountains right outside all the time.i catch a glimpse and think wow those are weird looking clouds. and then i realise haha.Im so thankfull for my family and for all your love and letters. i just got both of them today. please pray for me. i am praying for you!! ill have more time to write more next week

LOVE YOU!!!!elder kendric Hale =)

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