Thursday, February 26, 2009

MTC-2nd week

Whoa this week has gone by fast!! I first would like to thank everyone for your prayers and letters! is awesome. Thank you Grandma and Grandpa Hale and Luann for that awesome picture!! I'll write you a letter but i just want to tell you now too =)Well, we're working on the second lesson and its going pretty well. We taught an "investigator" the other day that was cool. She took a picture and should be sending it to your email. hmm...actually i gave her my email so check that.

But the spirit here is awesome!! I had an awesome experience on sunday! During sacrament meeting the branch pres chooses two missionaries to give talks right then. But the night before i only had a little bit prepared and just told myself that i probably wouldnt get callled anyway. That night, i had a dream that i was called to speak and i got up and started blabbering about nothing. When i woke up i knew i had to finish my talk that morning. I was called to speak in sacrament and did a great job! I am so thankful for that personal revelation from the Lord and that HE loves me enough to want me to be successful in all that i do, even sacrament meeting talks.I love you all so much and I know Heavenly Father loves you.Love Elder Kendric Halep.s. I got my travel info. I leave the 3rd of March at 1030am. i might be able to call home before i board the bus.. but if not then i still love you =)

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  1. I love reading missionary experiences...especially when they recognize the "hand of the Lord" in their lives...It is MARVELOUS when our youth begin to have their own private experiences of their very own...GREAT pictures of "Elder Hale"...BEAUTIFUL COUNTENANCE!!!


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