Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Snow in Logan!

Hey all!!

So, we woke up this morning to go to the temple and it was snowing with an inch already on the ground. Winter is here and it's supposed to only get worse. darn.

But all of that depressing news isn't depressing when you talk about baptisms! Marshall's baptism was great! We held it in the font at the Logan Tabernacle. The program was great and very involved and we even had a nonmember there. Afterward, Marshall got up and bore his testimony. The spirit was so strong! Stake conference was the next day so he will be confirmed on the first of Nov.

Speaking of stake conference, it was actually a regional stake conference held at the Spectrum up at USU. And who came to speak? None other than Ronald A. Rasband, M. Russell Ballard, and Henry B. Eyring. We got to go to the Spectrum and we sat right next to one of the cameras about 100ft away from those apostles. And it was cool because the cameraman was from Spanish Fork and knew the Heywoods.All of their talks were amazing!

So, on Thursday the elders that serve in Wellsville got emergency transfered to North Logan/Smithfield and we got sisters. It's kinda cool to have sisters in our district again and it's something that should be good for the area too. That same day we got a new car. Because its getting colder they're moving all the Pontiac Vibes up north and we got an '09 Malibu. It's a lot bigger car but it looks nice. Oh, and it gets missionary work done good too =)

So, we lost a date from Marshall being baptized, but we gained another one. Her name is Yani and we've been teaching her for a little while, but she finally accepted a date for Nov. 28th. It will be a challenge because she has some wow problems. But we read some scriptures and assured her that if she prays for help and has the desire she will be able to stop and be ready for bapism. I definately know that she can do it. It's possible with the Lord's help. I know all things are possible with the Lord's help. Even tho I was sick this past week I was still able to work. If the Lord wants his work to get done, which he does, then he provides a way. I was blessed to not actually get swine flu, I only had a fever for one day and then it just turned into a cold. So thanks for all of your prayers!

love you all
Elder Hale =)

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