Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Winter's Coming

All in favor of watching general conference again say I!! It was amazing! I loved Niel L Anderson's about repentance and Pres. Monson's about anger and service, and Pres. Uchtdorf made me dad trunkie. But I loved Elder Holland's, he was way into it. I thot he was going to jump over the pulpit! His testimony of the Book of Mormon was intense! There's no way after that talk anyone could say the BOM is not true. I hope my testimony of the BOM can get that way, to the point where when I bear testimony of it nobody can disbelieve my words.

Well the fall colors are great right now but it feels like winter already. In the past week it's snowed twice already and the averege this week was 40 degrees. Thats so stinkin' cold for a Florida boy!! Needless to say, I brought out my big jacket. We are looking for a new apartment because the one we're in is way cold. It was even cold during the summer. I'll let you know if I need any winter stuff. Yesterday we had to travel down to Ogden for Elder Henke's glasses. It's a lot warmer there, by about 15 degrees. But through the canyon was a big snow storm wich was exciting. It was beautiful tho. The food of the week was taco soup. Had it 3 times, twice in one day. Fun stuff.

Elder Henke is pretty cool, he's got long arms and...he's 6'2 and...he has long arms. I dunno what to say about him except he's the polar opposite of my last companion, which is refreshing in a lot of ways. We don't have a lot of investigators and none with a date. But there is Erin & TJ Kaufman (bro12 and sis14) Justin Haas (9) and Brianne (9). All of them just need to have more desire and a better testimony of the atonement. I'm sure we'll get a new investigator soon tho. There are some people that are being prepared right now. We don't know who they are but we will find them.

Love ya'll so much!! Thanks for all ya'll's prayers!

Love, Elder Hale

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