Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Baptisms and Transfer to Centerville


Ashley and Bray got baptized Saturday evening!! Ashley's baptism was so cool. It was at 5pm and she had lots of friends and family to support her. She was so ready and the spirit definitely bore witness.
Then Bray's baptism was at 7 so we just added some more hot water to the font for him. Right after he came out of the water he hugged the guy that was baptizing him as he cried and the spirit was there so strong. Then he wanted to bear his testimony and spoke for about ten minutes. Probably half the people there were crying and so happy. His non member parents were there too so they felt the spirit. The next day in sacrament mtg he chose me to do the confirmation. It was such a cool experience! He is so happy and loves the gospel! This gospel is so true!

Now, for the crazy info on transfers...Elder Deming and I are........staying together!!! But not in Kaysville. Apparently because Kaysville is about 90% members it hasn't been doing well this last year as far as baptisms so they are giving our area to other missionaries and taking all our stakes off active proselyting. As for D & I, we are whitewashing Centerville, just two towns south of k-town. But we're in the same district???? It doesnt quite make sense yet. I've determined that my brain isnt large enough to wrap around all that's happening. I will have more info (hopefully) by next week. And I will let you know what I know. But I love ya'll, and now I have to go pack and clean our apartment.

love elder Hale =)

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