Monday, February 22, 2010

Feb. 16...Jellyfish??

So, the new myldsmail is up and running. It automatically changed my email to but I think it forwards everything sent to the other one to the new one.

So yes it was Chinese New Year on the 14th and we got permission to go eat with Mei Qing (former investigator in Kaysville) in the evening, that was cool. The dumplings she made were amazing! and also I tried another new food, jellyfish! It was not that exciting, just chewy. And she had these amazing shrimp balls battered with bread and deep fried, mmm so good. It's kinda funny cause we moved to Centerville and we are teaching another Chinese lady named Zhao Ning (zJow-ning is the best way I can explain how to pronounce it). She knows Mei Qing. She's way cool and really wants to be baptized but because of political issues she can't right now. But she is doing mish work: she invited her friend Ying Ying to learn about the gospel and she likes it.

Rebecca is getting baptized on the 27th. She is early thirties prolly and is extremely ready. If you didn't know it you would think she was already a member. Other then those two we really dont have any investigators. =( but that's why we're here and what members are for =)

Last sunday one of the sacrament mtgs we went to was a missionary homecoming. The missionary's name was Elder Packer, the grandson of Pres. Packer, so who else was there? President Packer himself! He was the closing speaker. It was really cool to see him outside of Gen Conference. It was very cool. Probly the quietest Utah family ward sacrament I've been to.

Love ya'll and hope to hear from ya'll!

Love elder Hale =)

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