Tuesday, April 27, 2010

New Companion Coming

Transfers! and thus ended the 4th transfer, yea, the six months of the reign of Deming and Hale upon the land.

Elder Deming is whitewashing Wellsville (in Cache Valley) with Elder Alexander (a black missionary with whom we currently live). I'm staying in Centerville and my new comp is a Tongan named Elder Kafoa? (I'm spelling phonetically, I don't know how to spell his name). Aparently he doesn't know English very well. He sounded ok on the phone. It sounds like he's a way good missionary tho so its gonna be awesome.... I just dont know what to do with a new comp, I haven't had one for the past 6 months! haha

The baptism was amazing!!! Elder Deming and I were the witnesses and right when the first girl (Jaqlyn) went under i started crying and tears flooded my eyes. You don't have to see to be a witness do you?? It's the first baptism that I've actually cried at. The spirit was so strong which was great because Collette had a lot of non member friends there. Collette bore her testimony at the end and said that if anyone had any doubts that the Church was true then realize that the spirit was testifying of its truth. (it sure did.), and that "I wish that you could feel and know what I feel and know right now." She directed that last part to her mom. Watching them is such a testimony that this Church IS true and that the Lord's hand IS in all things. We told Cole that we hadn't taught her anything, that she was so receptive to the spirit and truth that she pretty much taught herself and we were just along for the ride. After my mission I wasn't planning on coming back right away but now I will be back two months after I get home to see them get sealed in the temple =) so cool.

I love this gospel and the happiness it brings. We don't have any dates right now but many potentials. Please pray for those people that they may be ready and willing to recieve the gospel, and we will do our part on this end of the field to bring them that happiness.
love ya'll so much!

Elder Hale =)

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