Saturday, May 8, 2010

New Month, New Companion

Hey!! this whole last week has been cloudy and cold. i didnt know that you could have fog, rain, sleet, snow, and sunshine all on the same day but it happened a few times this last week. but its been a good week. elder Kafoa is great! he is from tonga but went to school in fiji. he has 2brothers and 5sisters making him third youngest. his family is all active and his parents are converts. hes been out for 6 months and didnt know english before the mish but he is doing very well. for the first time on my mission im reading the learn the language section of preach my gospel. before the end of the transfer ill know how to do the haka, haha. but its gonna be a very fun transfer.

we picked up two more investigators this week, one is austin who wants to get baptized on may 22 and the other is a couple that grew up southern baptist and methodist and doesnt want to get baptized yet but have lots of questions and are open to learn and feel the spirit. hes stuck on the whole once saved always saved but when we explained with 2nephi 31 what endure to the end means it seemed to make sense to him and then she had a bunch of questions about the plan of salvation. that sad part is that they are moving this month to woods cross =( but i think it will all work out, the sisters there are good missionaries.

we had a regional conference this last sunday where 16 stakes were invited. some of which were invited to the conference center by temple square so we were allowed to go. elder rasband spoke along with sister julie beck, elder hales and pres eyring. we got good seats, seven rows from the pulpit. it was a great conference amd i dont have any of my notes but ill tell you what they said next time. =) pres eyring spoke about families.

thats about it for this week, im looking forward to skyping this sunday, i love you all and like always thank you for your support and prayers! happy mothers day!!

love Elder Hale =)

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