Tuesday, June 1, 2010

June 1st

Malo e lelei!!

so i promised pictures this week but when i got to the family history center i realized i left my camera battery charging at home...so no pictures today, sorry. if there are any specific pictures anyone wants to see just email me and let me know. =)

Not much has happened this week, Ali is still planning on getting baptized this saturday and shes super excited and ready. we asked if she had a chance to read the scriptures we gave her and she said she hadnt and so we acted dissapointed but then she explained that she wasnt able to read becase graduation is this week and all this stuff is going on and so she was just reading in Alma where shes at! so we assured her that as long as she read she could read the thingswe assigned her whenever she got time. shes awesome.

this last week we ate with two families i want to mention. first is the claysons. (Elder Clayson served in the Orlando mission until recently) It was cool to hear about florida and how the work is going in that area. he said that the longwood ward has some really good missionaries in it right now so thats good. he seems like he was a good missionary, he has a good family. then i think it was actually last week we ate with the family of my mtc zone leader elder smith. it was funny because they said that they had a son on a mission in norway so i just figured it was like every other famiy we eat at and so i didnt really look at the picture they had of him very closely at all. but when we were leaving i started saying "well i know a few people in norway" as i walked up to the picture to look at it closer but stopped mi-sentance and was like "thats Elder Smith! hes one of the people i know in norway!" and i got a picture with them. it was fun. ill send the picture next week.

we have been able to do a lot of service these past few weeks. its been so great to change into jeans and not care about getting "too dirty" as people say when we ask them if we can do service in our proselyting clothes. theres a guy in our area that is a chiropracter and adjusts us for free so we go every week, its nice especially after doing service all week.

well thats about it for today, ofa atu! (love you)

Elder Hale =)

p.s. i would like to get spencers email address if that is possible, i got permission to email him because he is so far away.=) thanks

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