Tuesday, June 8, 2010

June 8, '10...The Good, The Bad, The Ugly


First, the good news: Ali got baptized!!! and Blake is getting baptized next week!! Ali's baptism was great. The spirit was amazing! After the closing prayer nobody wanted to leave and it was quieter than the temple as everyone was giving Ali a hug and saying congratulations. Her brother Alex gave a great talk on the Holy Ghost and how it has helped him since four months ago when he was baptized, and how he's so excited that she gets to have that gift. On Sunday when she was confirmed (she asked me to do it) the spirit was so strong.

I just love the feeling of not having words planned out for the blessing and the spirit directing so that you say what the Lord wants. I definately know that the Lord speaks through people in so many different ways. Sometimes it's just good people being good disciples and doing what the Savior would want. But often there are times when people are guided to do things that they weren't planning on and are completely guided by the spirit. That's because they are doing what they're supposed to which puts them in a position where the Lord can use them for His purposes, which are perfect and eternal. I pray that we may all do the best we can to put ourselves in a position spiritually so we can be effective instruments in the hands of our Savior in whatever way he needs. That's when true and lasting joy comes. I feel like that joy only comes through the spirit (example: newborn babies, being with family, reading the scriptures and not being able to stop....) and if the spirit is not there then it is only temporary happiness (roller coasters, dessert, movies). But the moment we have the spirit that happiness becomes true joy, and that joy is contagious.

Alright, stepping down from the soap box...

Next, the bad news: I'm being transferred...to South Ogden....with an Elder Bennett who I don't know....away from Centerville....away from Elder Kafoa...away from my friends that are preparing for baptism.... away from the wonderful members that help with anything and everything...away from trust that has been built with potential investigators...away from converts that are preparing to do baptisms for the dead....

I've never been upset about a transfer before, but this has been the hardest so far. I love Centerville and the people here. It's been my favorite area so far, and that's a hard choice because I've loved all my areas. There are so many people that I need to say goodbye to. Elder Kafoa is an amazing missionary and so fun to be with (I've learned the Tongan haka a.k.a. the sipi tau). President said that I would be staying here with Kafoa, but that divine revelation that I just ranted about gets in the way sometimes. The ugly part about all of this is that im being transferred to south ogden as a district leader... not the happiest day of my life. And on top of all that I HAVE TO PACK! >=(

The Lord has an interesting time and method of doing things.

I have to go throw up so talk to y'all later. I'll let ya know wassup in South Ogden next week when I'm there..if I'm still alive....

Love you all!! Thanks for your prayers, I need them.

Elder Hale =)

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