Tuesday, July 20, 2010

July 20, 2010 - A Car!!

this week has been interesting. our whole district has nobody with a date so there is some discouragement going around like a sickness but just like sickness it has to be cured and the medicine is faith hope and dilegence. faith in Jesus Christ that He will send someone your way, hope that someone will pop up that wants to be baptized, and dillegence in working your guts out until that happens. and just like any flu it goes away after awhile so things will pick up in the next few weeks. its crazy to think that transfers are coming up again, it hasnt been 6 weeks has it? but sure enough they are next week. hopefully i get to stay with elder kay for at least one more transfer.

we are going to be in a 30 stake youth spectacular production up at weber state this weekend. about 100 of us will march onto the feild singing called to serve. itsgonnabesweet. =) not much else has happened.

love yall and have a wonderful week!!

love Elder Hale =)

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