Wednesday, March 25, 2009

3/24/09 Letter from Kendric

Hey everyone!! this week was pretty good, this morning we went to the Bountiful Temple again!

i did not get your snail mail yet did you get mine?

My awesome companion is awesome!! we get along very well together. His nickname is the Russian Spy and hes a certified soccer ref? haha he also says to tell you that Virginia is the celestial kingdom haha.

about the 18 wards that we visit.. we usually follow our investigators or just visit wards that we havent for awhile. like this last sunday we went to both of our singles wards and a family ward to see if lindsay (less active) came to church after we challenged her. she didnt =( An awesome family is the Lawrences. theyare super cool and eat up every thing we teach them! the dad is a member but the rest arn't. they actually arent married so were working on that, he has to talk to the bishop and work everything out before they can be baptized but its so fun to teach them!. we are also teaching a 9 yr old girl and have a bap date for april 4! sweet!! its so graet!

times running out so ill have to get back about the scripture, sorry.
I love yall so super lots!! thank you everybody for your prayers and suppport!!
my fav scrip right now is mosiah 2:41!! its great!!

lve elder kj hale

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