Wednesday, March 11, 2009

3-10-09 1st letter from the Field

GRRR!!! I just wrote a big long letter to yall but my time ran out before i could send it.
so, a summary...yeah i got your box thanks soo much!! did you get my box yet?? i sent it from the mtc
My trainer is Elder Kurowski, he is cool. my area is Kaysville East and im living in the downstairs of a member's home (the evans). the carlsons came by the other night while we were out and left a big tuppperware of fresh cookies! (thanks) i dont even know how they knew i was here. news travels fast iguess. ill send some pics next week. not much time today...I love you all so much!! thanks travis for your picture!! the hot tamales are great! sorry about the short letter. bigger one next week

Love,Elder KJ Hale =)

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