Tuesday, March 17, 2009

3/17/09 Letter from Elder Kendric

Okie dokie! now i can say what i wanted to last week! Apparently you already know where i am because i got your white bubble package. thanks for the pictures Travis!! those are always fun =)

but just to say it, I am in the Kaysville East area and we cover the Kaysville East and Central stakes which includes 18 wards (and one branch) We live in the basement of a members home, Acel and Lidia Evans. they are an older couple and she is a elementary school teacher (she taeches 8 yr olds) and they are wonderful! My trainer is Elder Kurowski who is from Slovakia.... not really, hes from Yorktown, VA. and hes been out 20 months. hes super cool, Its wonderful to be trained by him!

as for the BOM reading, it hasnt really been going a whole lot since i last wrote because ive been studying lots of other topics (its pretty cool to study by topic in the tropical guide =) but that doesnt mean that the race isnt still going on, it is!

These past two saturdays, there have been two boys baptized, both 9 or 10 yrs old. its pretty cool. we have a zone goal of 29 baptisms for April but right now we are only projected at 2, so we are working hard to find new investigators! haha its awesome!! everyone please pray for people to be ready to hear the gospel and be baptized!

I love yall so much!! you are all so awesome!! thanks for your prayers and support! the church is true!! and i love it! =)

Love Elder Kendric Hale

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