Thursday, June 18, 2009

Elder Kendric on 6/16/09


I'm still alive and well but not alot to say other than we have a baptism this Saturday for Hosanna. She's so excited she moved her date a week early. It's fun to teach at their house because they speak Samoan all the time. I've even become pretty fluent in that language...not really but I know some words =)

There is a mission conference/fireside coming up on Fri 26 of June. Everyone that can come should come! It's in the Ogden Tabernacle and starts at 7pm. All the missionaries in the mission will be singing and our mission pres and wife will be speaking their last Utah Ogden Mission talks. It's gonna be great =)

That's the update. Not much else. But we are being super blessed with people to teach and help come to Christ. This work is awesome! It truely bleses lives, especially mine =)

Thanks for all your prayers and support.
Love yall!
Elder Hale

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