Wednesday, June 3, 2009

1st Letter From Providence, Utah

Hey yall!

Got both emails. I have not recieved the box yet. Sounds interesting tho. =)

Providence is great! I didn't know its family history tho, I'll have to look at that. If you have extra info about it feel free to send it. We live in the basement of a member on the border of Providence and Millville, just off of 200 W in Providence and Main in Millville (its the same street). We cover three stakes and from 35-40 wards (we're not sure right now. There were some wards that were split). What I like most about the area I think is that its a little more rural and also way greener than kaysville =) and also I have a car =D and Elder Pukepuke can't drive because he doesn't have an American driver licence so I'm the driver, which helps me learn the area quicker.

This morning we went through the Logan Temple and I thought about all the family history that happened there that I do and don't know about. Its pretty cool. =) And we are doing emails in the Logan Tabernacle.

Well I gots to go but I want everyone to know that I love yall!! Thanks for your prayers, there are miracles happening, I just cant write then right now. But I know your prayers help!

Love Elder Kendric Hale =)

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