Tuesday, June 23, 2009

June 23

Talofa!! (samoan for hello)

This week was great! This last Saturday we had two baptisms!! Hosanna and Chris!! I'll get some pics to you next week. But it is sooo amazing to watch someone come closer to Jesus Christ and to see that spirit in their life. We have that awesome addiction to do missionary work and we are searching everywhere for people we can help!! We are getting close to the end of the month and we are close to 200 baptisms for June before Pres. Joyce leaves!!

As far as the number of wards that we cover, we cover from 35-40. We don't have an accurate number because our wards keep splitting on us and we just got a new ward and possibly a new stake soon. The area is great. At this time of year apparently it should be brown and dry but we've had rain almost every day. It's great, I love rain. Rain helps things to grow just like the gospel helps people to grow spiritually. =)

As far as the Book of Mormon reading, its going really good. I'm on Mosiah 22 and it all makes so much more sense!! That's awesome that Travis is reading the Stick of Ephr- uh, Book of Mormon by himself. Good for him!! =)

Hey, I gotta go because all the elders are bugging me to get off! But I love ya'll so much, and thanks for everything!!

Love, Elder Hale

PS...HAPPY FATHER'S DAY!!!I love you!! Sorry I can't write more =) You're the best dad ever!!

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