Monday, January 24, 2011

Blessings of a Utah Mission...


I don't know if you heard but we were supposed to get to see Elder Hales from the 12 Apostles last Sunday but it wasn't able to happen. But it should happen sometime this week. I've been trying to think of some cool questions to ask him. It's going to be super exciting! This last Sunday we spoke in a ward and it turned out really well. We are speaking again this week in a different ward and our topic is personal study and prayer. It will be good... I hope. Do I have a topic for when I speak when I get home? Me and elder Figueroa are doing great. A little bit about him: his favorite ice cream is rocky road, his favorite color is purple "because it's a happy and Celestial (??) color." Hes going to be a DJ someday and his dj name is going to be DJKRIBFO117!! don't ask what it means, it takes a really long time to explain, believe me, I asked. He wants to be a video game designer and he likes aerobics, body building, and volleyball, etc... and he's my second and last companion that I'm taller than!!!!

Things are way crazy trying to learn two new stakes but its going well, really frustrating without a car but its working out somehow..

Love ya'll lots thanks for the support. Ponder about and remember why you love your Savior Jesus Christ. and remember why He loves you and what His purpose is, Moses 1:39.

Elder Hale =)

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