Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Coming Down the Homestretch; Jan. 4th

And it came to pass in the mission of Elder Hale that the 16th transfer came to an end without a single soul brought to the waters of baptism, and thus creating the third dry transfer in his mission.

And thus began the 17th transfer, yea the last transfer of the misson of Elder Hale, yea and also the last six weeks of his life in the Great Utah Ogden Mission as a full time servant of the Lord. And thus it is, amen.

So here's what's happening... This area is being combined with the Syracuse Bluff area, which has two stakes. Elder Bohanan is being transfered to Clearfield, which is still in the same zone, and my new companion is Elder Figueroa-DaVila. He goes home a transfer after me but has never been a senior companion, so President wants me to help him to prepare him to be senior for his last transfer. I talked to president about it and I was actually signed up to train someone new for my last transfer but apparently inspiration took over. So on top of covering one stake and 11 wards to covering Three stakes and 29 wards, oh, to go along with that we don't get a car yet, (there have been lots of deer hit up north and a lot of cars out of commission), this will be a challenging experience.

So, Now more than ever do I need your prayers of support and encouragement to help me to finish strong but also take on this new assignment. I had a long conversation this morning with Elder Swisher (who by the way is the new Assistant to the president) who definitely had the spirit guiding him what to say. He's so amazing.

Anyway, sorry about being elder raincloud. I hope everybody's new year was great!
love you all!
Love Elder Hale =)

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