Monday, January 24, 2011

Jan. 11, 2011...New Assignment

Hi All,
So three stakes aren't so bad... I've done it before... but opening a new area is easier than inheriting an area I think. I've been working on my name memorizing skills and directional skills, not being lost skills, note taking skills, being enthusiastic skills, helping-people-see-that-they-want-to-be-baptized skills, and making sure I have energy skills, all of which have been tested recently. but all is well in... Syracuse. We inherited a couple investigators with baptism dates that we just barely met, and a girl called and wanted to be baptized as soon as possible so over the phone we asked her about the 22nd. We're teaching her tonight. She's so happy!

Anyway that's about all that's happenin' round here. Oh! We ate dinner with a family last night; the wife was from Alabama and has an amazing southern accent. I love it! I start talking like it too if I'm around it long enough. haha anyway gotta go

Love yall!!
Elder Hale =)

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