Tuesday, October 19, 2010

COPS: In Ogden and Transfer to Syracuse

first of all, the story of last week...

So, the night before general conference we went to teach a lesson that wasn't home, but four doors down there was a guy and a lady that were yelling and arguing. Then the guy turned around and punched her in the face. She dropped like a rock. We called 911 and the po-po showed up and talked to him, then the cia showed up to take his picture. We had to leave then so we didn't get to see if they took him to jail, they totally should've, he's a jerk.

now for this weeks news: drumroll please!!............................

Elder Kay and I are getting whitewashed out of South Ogden! Elder Kay is going to Clinton and I'm going to Syracuse West to serve with a BIG PURPLE DINOSAUR! I have been released as district leader on special assignment to build up Elder Barney and help him gain confidence. It's probly good that I got released cause I'm terrible at training people in district mtgs. I love investing in missionaries and helping them out in their areas but I can't train them very well. As for the area, I'll be back here on Saturday for Amanda's baptism which is gonna be sweet. This last Saturday Colleen and her son Charlie got baptized!! I got to bapticize Colleen and Elder Kay baptized Charlie. An hour later CHLOIE got baptized!! She's 9 and she's super hyper and also one of the 10 black people in Utah. She's awesome!

Things are awesome. It's weird to think that Syracuse West is going to be my last area. South Ogden has been so great there's lots of cool people here to remember. I'll have some more info next week.

love yall

elder hale

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