Monday, October 11, 2010

General Conference Follow-up

Conference was so great!! I got to be at Saturday pm, and both Sunday sessions. We took our investigators and they loved it. Its so cool to go and see the prophet! I wonder how it would be for the people that didn't know that there even was a prophet on the earth, and then to go get to see him. I think it would be cool! Its kinda fun to go down to SLC, OUTSIDE OF OUR MISSION! But its ok, we got Elder Snow's permish. Elder Kay saw 6 of his friends from home including his best friend who got off his mission a few months ago. He got to sit with him cause we didn't have enough tickets for a session. I saw a friend from up in Providence and that was cool. Its really cool to see how many people from other countries get to go to conference. We tried to talk with a lady from Japan and a family from Germany and Austria, and there were ladies from Ghana with their traditional clothes and hats. All to have the opportunity to see and listen to the prophet and the apostles and the other men and women who spoke. I love it!!

There's another cool story but I have to share it with you next week.

love you all

elder Hale =)

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