Tuesday, October 19, 2010

New Area, New Companion

Hello from Syracuse Utah!

After a week of being in Syracuse I have made some observations:

1. Syracuse is flat

2. Syracuse is just a giant neighborhood with a wal mart in the middle

3. Syracuse is right next to the Great Salt Lake, if you don't believe me take a big sniff. In fact Antelope Island is in our area.

4. We don't have a car =( ...and its getting cold, but I'll be nice and fit when I get home

5. Syracuse is full of crops and cows, if you dont believe me take another big sniff. The last dairy farm in Davis County is here.

Elder Barney is awesome! He is from So Cal by Death Valley close to Barstow. He's been out a YEAR on the 21st of Oct (next week) and he needs to be senior at the end of this transfer. He is 23 years old, his favorite ice cream is cookie dough and his favorite color is black, and dark red. He has been in the Syracuse Zone for his whole mission and this is only his second area. I remember way back when I was only a year out I had just gotten to my fourth area (Centerville). He is the first comp I've had that I've been taller than!!

This week we picked up three new investigators and all of them have baptism dates which adds up to.... three people with a baptism date! things are picking up. Its great!

That's about all the news I have for this week. Sorry its not much. I hope your fall colors are great wherever you are. There aren't many trees in SY, just dried up corn husks and lots of pumpkins.

love ya'll, have a great week!

Elder kendric Hale =)

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