Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Winter's Coming! (Oct. 26, 2010)

Floridian+late October+bikes=really cold

Too bad it's gonna get colder. Apparently tho Syracuse doesn't get as much snow as everywhere else, but we get windy lake effect from the big salty pond next door. As far as trips to Antelope Island, they probly won't happen. Its a 7 mile bike ride out there and only three member families and a herd of buffalo live out there. But well get out there for a p-day or somsing. The three investigators with a date are all for November 13th. They are pretty excited the only thing that would stop them is if they didn't go to church the next couple weeks.

THanks Christiansens for the amazing cd!! Yes I did get it and was so excited to get a package, especially one with Amy's cd and a letter from you, thanks!! Does Amy have any more cool cds??

love yall!!

elder kendric hale =)

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